Transit Data Specialist
Swiftly, Inc.
 San Francisco, CA
Company Description
Swiftly is a big data platform for transportation. The platform weaves data analytics, intuitive visualizations, and real-time predictive technologies into applications that drive smarter decisions for public transit agencies. Today, over 60 cities and 3,500 transit professionals use Swiftly to improve transportation for nearly 1 billion passenger trips per year.

About the Role
As a member of our Dashboard Team, you will help us build the tools that surface powerful insights directly to our customers. Working closely with our designers, product managers, and other engineers, your task will be to solve problems with products that our customers love. You will be the team’s transit data domain expert and will become intimately familiar with both the transit data that we store and the challenges that our transit agency partners seek to solve with meaningful data.
In your day to day, you will support and enhance the Swiftly dashboard’s existing reports to make them even more useful, and compelling. You will also flex your creative muscles by prototyping new visualizations or functionality that might alleviate transit pain points - your work will come to life as the team tests concepts with users and designs new reports into the Swiftly experience.
Technically, you will navigate the Swiftly world in Python and JavaScript - not only visualizing data in new and interesting ways, but also playing a role in building and documenting the APIs that bring the data to the dashboard and directly to customers.

You’ll Be a Good Fit If...

  • You are excited to be part of a mission-driven company. This passion could come from a desire to improve public transit, urban mobility, sustainability, etc. Or it could simply originate from a desire to work on hard problems that impact the real-world. Regardless of your why, it is important that you care about the work we do.
  • You are a dynamic team player. We are a rapidly growing startup, but still small enough that you will know every single member of the engineering team and can grow into a pillar of our team. With a strong connection to the problems we are solving, you seek to make valuable contributions wherever it is most-needed at any given time.
  • You embrace a growth mindset both for yourself and your fellow teammates. At Swiftly, we recognize that technology is always changing and requires continual learning. You love learning and helping those around you grow
  • You have several years of experience with at least one of the major software languages: Python, or JavaScript.
  • You have worked with real-world transit data, you have a knack for solving problems, and you are familiar with the metrics that transit agencies use to measure reliability and performance (e.g. headway, on-time-performance, travel-time variability, level-of-service)
  • You have strong experience with SQL and RDBMS such as PostgreSQL.
  • You’ve worked on a team (or want to work on a team) that builds software that can be understood and extended by your teammates.
  • You’re open to receiving feedback (a core Swiftly value!), approach technical debates with humility, and participate in blameless postmortems when things go wrong.
About our Tech Stack
The more familiarity you have with our existing stack the better, but we do not expect applicants to have familiarity with all the technologies we use. The Dashboard team’s software is primarily written in JavaScript with server-side code in Node.js and invokes related services written in Java. Our API gateway, also using Node.js, allows flexibility in how we implement future API services and we are open to implementation in Python. PostgreSQL is our primary database, and we leverage S3 to store processed data. We use Terraform as an infrastructure-as-code framework within our CI/CD pipelines, and deploy our software on Amazon Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Heroku.

Beyond the Skills:
- We are looking for candidates who are passionate about mobility, sustainability, or mission-oriented projects that have a significant real-world impact. Ideal candidates encompass the core values of our company:
- Team. You’re a team player that believes in working with others to accomplish big goals.
- Communication. You believe openness and honesty underpin effective communication.
- Feedback. You’re a voracious learner. You seek and give constructive feedback to improve your practice.
- Growth. You are passionate about our work of growing the smart transit industry.
- Diversity. You cherish other perspectives and opinions.  
- Impact. You regularly evaluate the return on investment to optimize for positive impact.

Don’t just hit the apply button. We want to hear more about you. Tell us:
- Why are you passionate about mobility?
- What interests you about Swiftly?

We are an equal opportunity employer - we are committed to a workplace that is as dynamic, diverse, and passionate as the communities we serve