Strategic Investment Program Manager, AWS, Inc.
 San Francisco, CA
  • This position can be based in San Francisco, Seattle or Irvine, CA* has been rated one of the most admired companies in the US, the #1 most innovative, and the #1 in customer service. Amazon's technology business, Amazon Web Services, has established a strong track record of leading the world in Web-related technologies and services. At AWS, you have the chance to help businesses and individuals take their computing infrastructures and applications into “the cloud“, transform how they do business, drive new levels of growth, and create bigger and better outcomes for their customers.

Are you looking for an intellectually challenging role that combines elements of sales strategy, financial analysis, program management, and executive-level customer engagement? If this sounds like you, then you might be the right candidate for an AWS role that draws on all of these dimensions. We are looking for a Strategic Investment Program Manager (SIPM) focused on the Western United States region. The SIPM is responsible for structuring and executing various sales acceleration and business investment programs across AWS, measuring the business impact of these programs, and managing governance mechanisms to ensure that these programs operate in alignment with their intended objectives and in compliance with AWS stipulations.

As the SIPM, your responsibilities will include coordinating with Sales leadership, front-line sales managers, and various functional teams to drive business growth through the thoughtful and measured application of customer incentive funds. These funds represent a pool of investment capital that AWS has set aside to incentivize customer adoption of AWS market offerings in certain situations. The SIPM, in conjunction with Sales leadership, manages this investment pool to achieve strategic and financial objectives for AWS while helping select customers accelerate their cloud journeys with AWS.

Your work will be both proactive – identifying and validating in-scope customer situations, structuring funding packages aligned with those situations, and supporting cross-functional teams in pursuing associated sales opportunities – and opportunistic – evaluating emerging and often unanticipated customer situations under tight deadlines, then developing tailored funding packages that allow AWS to capture the associated sales opportunities. In all cases, you'll be helping AWS serve our customers better by accelerating their adoption of advanced cloud technologies from AWS.

The SIPM oversees a portfolio of funds and makes informed recommendations for disbursement of those funds to drive specific business and financial objectives. To be effective in the role, the SIPM must develop and maintain deep familiarity with the range of market offerings and incentive funding programs that AWS offers its customers. In some cases, existing investment programs may not meet all of the needs of a particular business opportunity, in which case the SIPM must be able to synthesize a new funding construct. The SIPM does not work in isolation, but in close collaboration with a cross-functional “deal team“ that comes together in the context of a particular strategic initiative or customer situation. In these ways, the SIPM is analogous to a venture capitalist, structuring investments to drive specific sales opportunities, synthesizing deal parameters, and managing a portfolio of funds to achieve a targeted return on investment (ROI). The SIPM is also responsible for developing, executing, and evolving the strategy for the Strategic Investment Office (SIO) overall, creating mechanisms that enable AWS to achieve its business objectives at scale across the entirety of the customer base. A key facet of this responsibility is educating front-line sellers about the SIO, its funding programs, qualification criteria for accessing funds from those programs, and the mechanisms for engaging with the SIO.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • A professional background that includes significant experience in two or more of the following domains: sales, business development, finance, strategic partnerships, program or product management, and strategy consulting
  • Experience engaging with sales teams in an advisory capacity, with an emphasis on deal economics
  • The ability to clearly and effectively communicate the business and technical benefits of cloud computing to sophisticated business and technical audiences, across all levels of a customer organization, including senior-level executives
  • An advanced understanding of the enterprise technology sales cycle and customer adoption cycle, including techniques that can accelerate customer conversion, increase customer satisfaction, and sustain high customer lifetime value
  • The ability to apply structured problem solving and strategic thinking skills to the business, both for pursuing individual sales opportunities and for evolving and managing the SIO overall
  • Aptitude for rapidly imparting logical structure to complex, amorphous, and ambiguous business situations to effectively drive momentum and positive business impact
  • Experience working effectively in cross-functional situations within relatively flat organizational structures