Software Engineer

6sense Sunnyvale, CA

Role: Software Engineer

6sense is the industry's leading big data-powered intelligent marketing cloud and has used modern advances in data science to finally deliver on marketing technology's promise: complete omni-channel buyer visibility, highly converting pipeline and measurable proof of ROI. 6sense works with Fortune 5000 enterprises and fast-growing B2B companies to effectively find in-market buyers, reach them and convert them – and ultimately drive revenue. 6sense customers have the critical ability to operate not simply on gut instinct and static look-alike firmographics, but on detection of active buying cycles that indicate a business need and propensity to purchase.

Role Description

This is a role for data geeks and those who get excited about opportunities to discover, collect, and structure important information. You should be pedantic about details and rigorous in your pursuit of perfection with a clear eye for process. You'll need to be a technical whiz that can understand the different ways data can be stored, accessed, and analyzed and have the scripting skills to use it for creative and innovative products. You have experience working with large datasets and text mining.

Skills – Required

* Confident in designing, building, managing, and owning a growing and complex database. Your past experience should reflect success with something similar

* Taking large heterogeneous datasets to deliver clean, synthesized streams of data into the world's largest database of early stage private companies.

* Extracting insights using parallel transformation and processing techniques such as Map-Reduce

* Combining multiple sources of data from APIs, RSS feeds, and human input into a single, structured data store while dealing with issues of duplication, cross-referencing, relational structure, and non-relational/denormalized storage

* Developing processes to monitor and ensure data integrity

* Capturing data from human analysts and implementing QA processes


* MySQL/PostgreSQL, document-based stores such as MongoDB or CouchDB, and key-value stores (Memcached, Redis); their distinct advantages, disadvantages, and trade-offs

* Column-oriented stores (HBase, Cassandra), graph-oriented stores

Skills – Preferred

* Working with cross-functional teams, analysts, mathematicians, and engineers on projects including text mining, structuring data, and extracting entities

* Excited to find creative new ways to gain insights and information from a range of sources

* Dynamic languages such as Python

* You want to know everything there is to know about new and innovative companies

* Ability and interest in evaluating new data sources

If you join our small team you'll:

* Have the opportunity to advance quickly and build your career trajectory as one of the first 20 tech hires at a fast growing startup.

* Enjoy equity and influence in a fast-growing and dynamic pre-IPO company

* Work in a beautiful New York loft-style house in the heart of the SoMa (Hurry before we outgrow it!) OR our other offices in Sunnyvale!

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