Product Manager - Eat24

Yelp Inc. San Francisco, CA

* Design Chops: While Eat24 PMs hold technical degrees, we're also passionate about design and have either schooling or significant experience building beautiful sites and apps. You should, too.

* Techie Cred: CS or similar degree so you can talk to our enginerds about Python, MapReduce jobs and naive Bayesian algorithms without a translator.

* Passion about the Space: You love food and leveraging technology to make people's lives easier and more delicious.

* Non-Nerd Empathy: You're interested in Hacker News, Twitter, etc. as much as the next nerd, but you also recognize that you're designing for a non-techie audience.

* A Conditional Love for Yelp and Eat24: Like a BFF or your favorite barista, you should love us but also be able to tell us what we're doing wrong. You'll need to be able to give and take constructive feedback.

* A Need for Speed: Daily release cycle? Bring it!

* LI-MS1

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