Maps Software Technical Lead
 San Francisco, CA
We are a San Francisco based team building self-driving semi trucks. We have raised $117MM in total and are backed by Tiger Global Management ($70MM Series C) and Sequoia Capital ($30MM Series B). We move freight daily between LA and Phoenix using our purpose built transfer hubs. This is an incredibly exciting time for autonomous driving and our team is looking to grow.

We are looking for a software engineer to lead, and contribute to, the development of software for the purposes of building map extensions, applying map corrections, performing map quality inspection, and improving ease and robustness of access to map data.

Embark uses high-definition maps as one of the important data sources guiding the operation of our trucks in autonomous mode. These maps contain high-accuracy road and lane geometry, as well as several layers of additional road- and location-related attributes.


  • Leading and contributing to the research, design, implementation, testing, and maintenance of software or processes with the following aims
  • Ease and robustness of access to map dataIdentifying map deficiencies
  • Facilitating map changes and extensions
  • Measuring map geometry accuracy, including identifying practical sources of ground truth
  • Generating new maps, including identifying and incorporating new data sources, and statistically combining map data from multiple sources
  • Being a single point of contact to vendors of map data and map-related tools

Your Experience Should Include:

  • Strong C++ knowledge and experience
  • Strong Python knowledge and experience
  • 3+ years of experience developing production software
  • Experience being responsible for on-time delivering substantial software projects that meet performance metrics

Your Experience Could Include:

  • 5+ years of experience developing software
  • Experience working with geographic data, including means of visualizing, organizing, and manipulating it
  • Experience working with large data, in particular relating to efficient organization and communication
  • Experience architecting and interfacing to databases
  • Experience developing user interfaces
  • Experience with methods for dealing with uncertain or noisy data
  • Experience developing real-time software
  • Exposure to, or demonstrated interest in, autonomous vehicles development
  • Education in engineering, computer science, math, or physical sciences
  • Ability to communicate concisely but unambiguously in written and spoken form

When you apply, address the application to Michael and let me know why you want to join our team.

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