iOS Software Engineer - Ads & Promotions, Inc. San Francisco, CA
We are the Twitch engineering team building out the advertising and promotion products. Our core mission; enable creators to earn a living on Twitch through advertising and influence. We develop different advertising products and services that generate shared revenue as well as promotion systems and programs to help creators grow their communities.

Twitch is seeking engineers with the curiosity, drive and ingenuity to develop advertising and promotions features for the Android and iOS platforms. They will work closely with our API and service engineers to design and deliver features that give creators the control and data they need to get promoted and help Twitch distribute advertising. Our products range from industry standard advertising formats to innovative real-time experiences special to Twitch. They will also be expected to work in a collaborative environment, able to interact with internal tech and business teams, external integration partners, and end users.

This is a great opportunity to have impact on your favorite creators at one of the fastest growing tech and entertainment products in the world.


* Develop and deliver new product features for our iOS application

* Improve engineering processes and tools to increase team effectiveness

* Work across both technical and business focused teams to deliver value to our creators