Integrative Psychotherapist
Sutter Health
 San Francisco, CA

This position isresponsible for providing integrative psychotherapy to individuals, childrenand families in one on one and group settings at the Institute for Health &Healing Clinics. The position provides comprehensive integrative assessment andcounseling support for mental, emotional, social and behavioral issues thatarise for patients with chronic or life threatening illness. In addition, the integrative psychotherapistassists patients in learning effective tools to cope with stress, grief andloss, and to make healthy behavioral changes. This position works in partnership with IHH physicians, other alliedhealth practitioners and administrative staff on care coordination and treatmentplanning, and is the principle team resource for all mental healthmatters. The position also collaborateswith the other IHH psychotherapists to implement and sustain best practices inthe area of integrative psychotherapy and guided imagery, and to stay abreastof research and best practice in the field of behavioral health and integrativemedicine.


- Masters Degree in Mental Health Discipline is required.

-Preferred training in Integrative Medicine education.

-Must be a Licensed Therapist, Professional License (ex:LCSW, MFT, PsyD) maintained for a minimum of 5 years.

-Basic Life Support Certification - BLS required.


-Knowledge and experience with at least two integrative psychotherapeutic methods such as guided imagery, expressive arts, EMDR, EFT, mindfulness Medication ect. is required.

- Internship hours in a medical setting is preferred.

-a minimum of 5-7 years of counseling experience, preferably in a medical environment and with those who have experienced a health crisis is preferred.

Skills and Knowledge:

-Candidate must have a genuine interest in integrative medicine, a commitment to the mission and vision of the Institute for Health & Healing and the capacity to contribute value to patients within Sutter Medical Foundation and the Sutter Health system.

-Ability to assess the needs of the patient, provide high quality integrative psychotherapy, guided imagery and other evidenced based approaches as indicated.

-Knowledge of holistic assessment, care plan development and outcomes tracking methods.

-Capacity to work within the integrative medicine model as practiced at the Institute for Health & Healing and in line with most recent research findings regarding behavioral health in the ambulatory care setting.

-Candidate must have strong desire and ability to work as an active member of an interdisciplinary practice team led by physicians.

-Required to have knowledge of the most recent Board of Behavioral Science requirements and adhere to them.

-Prefer knowledge of recent literature and models use to advance practice of behavioral health in a medical setting.