[Contractor] Customer Experience Partner Coordinator

Airbnb, Inc. San Francisco, CA
Founded in 2008, Airbnb is a global travel community that offers magical end-to-end trips, including where you stay, what you do and the people you meet. Airbnb uniquely leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to unlock and monetize their spaces, passions and talents to become hospitality entrepreneurs. Airbnb's accommodation marketplace offers access to millions of places to stay in more than 191 countries, from apartments and villas to castles, treehouses and B&Bs. With Experiences, people can see a different side to a destination through unique, handcrafted activities run by locals.All of this is brought together in one easy-to-use and beautifully designed website and app.

A Partner Coordinator is responsible for supporting Partner Managers and their assigned outsourced Partner site(s) in delivering performance outcomes, and in owning and facilitating Partner site(s) administration and key support processes. Coordinators collaborate with the Partner Management team to guide our Partner sites to ensure they are an extension of Airbnb and enable our mission to deliver instant and authentic service to all of our guests and hosts.

We are looking for an enthusiastic, passionate, and resourceful person, who is interested in owning and taking part in Partner-wide performance management initiatives, for finding new ways to surface Partner feedback and shape that into operational recommendations and actions, and in identifying, owning, and delivering on projects that increase Partner capabilities and align them more tightly with Airbnb.

This role is a primary point of contact for our CX Partner locations, and will be based out of Portland, with significant travel regionally and beyond. (30%+ travel )

This is a contract position. In this role, you will be employed by a third party agency. You will not be engaged as an employee of Airbnb, and will not be eligible for Airbnb employee compensation or benefits.


* Act as a Partner site(s) PoC for key support processes, including training for and holding Partners accountable to process health around subjects such as IT and systems ticketing, action tracking and documentation, etc.

* Drive a culture of self-sufficiency and ongoing learning with Partner Teams.

* Use your subject matter expertise to take part in large scale metric improvement projects.

* Own small-to-medium scale metric improvement projects.

* Support shared services teams and cross functional groups by managing Partner site visit processes, holding them accountable to creating agendas and readouts.

* Step in for short term coverage of Partner Managers when they are out of office, taking ownership of top level performance outcomes.

* Evaluate workflows and find ways for them to be more efficient, relevant and valuable.

* Help understand the top user issues and make recommendations to improve Airbnb products and policies; support team in being the voice of the customer to the rest of the company.

* Lead and/or participate in projects outside of the scope of your department, as assigned by your Partner Manager.

* Develop & demonstrate understanding of channel strategy & targets.

* Loss approvals: using 4-eye macro consultation, be the person to approve losses above $1000 and under $3000 USD.

* Complete site visits to support Partners in delivering the Airbnb Mission.

* Host round tables and complete call shadowing in Partner sites.

Skills & Competencies:

* Be a Host

* You're devoted to being a good host to the Airbnb community—both internal and external. You make yourself available. You're dedicated to meeting the community's needs, so you listen closely to feedback and use it to propose improvements to our products and services. You encourage and empower your peers to always put the community first.

* Champion the Mission

* You can articulate a compelling, inclusive vision for the future that anticipates trends and possibilities. You're a determined optimist whose optimism is contagious. You get others excited about your outlook and invested in its success. You recruit enthusiastic support. You acknowledge the importance and impact of your team's work, and you can clearly communicate the ways it contributes to Airbnb's mission. You recognize what drives your audience and can steer them toward a common goal.

* Be a "Cereal" Entrepreneur

* You efficiently analyze new challenges, and quickly learn the additional skills and techniques needed to succeed. You proactively seek out opportunities to improve. You're versatile, and open to change when there's a better way. You learn from past mistakes and accomplishments. You're a cereal entrepreneur who is comfortable experimenting or reversing course.

* Embrace the Adventure

* You handle unexpected change with grace. You ask questions and seek to understand the reasons for change, while consciously avoiding assumptions of negative intent. You can effectively articulate the need for change and encourage optimism in those around you. You're able to perform at a high level, even during times of uncertainty. You trust your instincts and your ability to learn from past experiences, and you can confidently move forward even when you don't have all of the details. You're comfortable handing off incomplete tasks when necessary. You're an early adopter.

Education, Experience & Requirements

* 3+ years experience in a customer-facing role(s)

* Strong, consistent performance reviews

* Experience participating in customer centric projects, initiatives or teams a plus

* Well Organised, detailed, and strong follow up skills.

* Strong communications and interpersonal skills with the ability to be clear and concise.

* Confident in stakeholders management, working with leadership team across regions.

* Experience in the travel or hospitality industry is a plus

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