Applications Integration Engineer
 San Francisco, CA
Skip is looking for an experienced applications integration engineer who is excited to join us and design the world’s best micromobility electric vehicle fleet. This end-to-end system will include multiple new verticals including: manufacturing, MRO operations, data analytics, field operations, and fleet management. You will work across the Skip teams to design the ecosystems for this next-generation of vehicles.

Skip's mission is to energize cities by making mobility accessible to everyone. We believe this requires designing every aspect of a micromobility network from the ground up. This includes custom vehicle hardware, the software-defined fleet management system, and ground operations for safety and recharging. Our success will make it easier for everyone to work, play, and connect in their communities.


  • Distill customer objectives into requirements documentation
  • Collaborate with stakeholders to design, develop, test, and execute integration solutions
  • Lead cross-functional teams across the organization to define and implement the new tools enabling world-class operations
  • Maintain the integration solutions including debug, troubleshoot, modify, monitor, and support
  • Develop documentation, technical procedures, and support guides for the integration solution
  • Constantly evaluate and advise the executive management on new systems and services that will allows us to scale and optimize our business operations


  • Engineering degree in CS or CE is desired, but equivalent degrees and matching work experience are considered
  • 3+ years of experience in systems and data integration, development, or implementation in enterprise or cloud software
  • Demonstrated ability to work effectively in cross-functional teams
  • Solid experience with APIs and Webhooks
  • Proficient in ETL and working with relational databases and SQL
  • Experience working in an Agile team
  • Working knowledge of ERP and other business management software


  • The satisfaction of delivering an amazing experience for millions of people, from complete strangers to your friends and family.
  • A culture built around putting the customer first, prioritizing dependability, safety, and transparency.
  • The opportunity to learn about and solve difficult technical challenges, such as fleet management for hundreds of thousands of light electric vehicles.
  • Personal, professional, and leadership growth at a fast-growing startup at its inflection point.
  • A cross-functional work environment that includes experts in diverse fields like government policy, hardware engineering, mobile and cloud software, supply chain logistics, and trust and safety.
  • Competitive salaries and benefits, including coverage for health, dental, and vision insurance

Designing from the ground up is important for supply chain and fleet management, especially when it comes to reliability, safety, business management, and a great rider experience. Our leadership team has the most experience in designing light electric vehicles from the ground up. Our founders previously were co-founders at Boosted, where they designed and built the first reliable micromobility vehicle and presented their work at TED. 

We know our customers aren’t just our riders, but also the public and city governments. We helped create the first scooter sharing permit in the US, were the first to share data on scooter usage with cities, and have been at the front of transparent operation around fleet management and vehicle safety. The result is deeper collaboration with cities, fewer complaints from the public, and a better experience for our riders.

We are backed by some of the world’s best investors, including Accel, Menlo, Y Combinator, Initialized, A Capital, and Paul Graham.

Skip is an equal employment opportunity employer. We are dedicated to providing an inclusive, open, and diverse work environment.