Hemodialysis Technician

University Health System San Antonio, TX
Job Details

HemoDialysis Technician

Job Duties:

* Machine preparation

* Prepare workstations

* Weighs patient and obtains baseline vital signs.

* Inspects and assesses access sites.

* Obtains blood samples

* Monitors and records dialysis treatment, parameters, vital signs, and weight changes.

* Monitors equipment during dialysis treatment.

* Administers intravenous saline as prescribed for fluid replacement.

Reasons to work in our Ambulatory Dialysis Clinics

* Several locations in San Antonio

* All adult and pediatric dialysis facilities awarded 5 stars in the Dialysis Facility Compare Star Program

* Competitive benefits package

* Nephrologist at University Health System can treat any kidney disease at any age.

* A world- renowned center for Diabetes Care and Prevention located at our Texas Diabetes Institute.


CCHT/CHT certification by one of the nationally recognized certification agencies (NNCC or BONENT) is required. New hires with no prior hemodialysis PCT experience must be currently enrolled or have completed a hemodialysis technician program and obtain certification within 18 months of their hire date.

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