Graphic Designer

Innove, LLC San Antonio, TX

Description of Position, Primary Function or Responsibilities

Specific Services: The SMEs will have oversight over Marine Corps MOS Roadmaps for Marines, and shall perform the following duties:

* develop a comprehensive understanding of the MOS Roadmaps program

* participate in meetings with various stakeholders

* collaborate with the government lead on the vision for MOS Roadmaps that incorporate the Stakeholders perspectives

* create an exemplar professionally-prepared advertising-quality Enlisted MOS Roadmap that terminates at the rank of Sergeant Major

* confirm that the materials, format colors and fonts used in the example MOS Roadmaps produced as an output of the MCTIMS MOS Manual module

* create an engineering change request (ECR) for MCTIMS

* participate in telephonic and/or in-person meetings with designated MCTIMS programmers

* participate in testing of MCTIMS outputs attendant to the ECR


* Must have experience with MOS Roadmaps Program

* Must have experience in developing high-end graphic representation

* Must have experience developing print graphics

* Must have experience working with clients to translate vision and Word documents into high-level graphic designs

* Must have experience with MCTIMS

Opportunity contingent upon contract award.