Asset Protection Team Member - Part Time

Academy, Ltd. San Angelo, TX
Come work at a place where we take pride in creating a workplace environment that values hard work, commitment, and growth.

Job Description


* High school diploma or GED required

* Associates or Bachelor's in Criminal Justice preferred

Work Experiences:

* Minimum of 3 months of work experience in large format retail environment required, accountable for the safety and security of people and/or company assets

* CPR and First Responder certification is a plus

* Loss Prevention or Criminal Justice background is a plus


* Demonstrated track record for engaging with customers in a polite and professional way

* Intuitive and timely recognition of merchandise availability in various areas of the store to direct customers as needed

* Ability to assist customers with EAS activations in a non-accusatory manner

* Exhibit calm presence when dealing with overall store safety or emergency response procedures

* Strong situational awareness and observation skills


* Complete required Loss & Asset Prevention training program upon assignment to position and is fully trained on all aspects of Academy's shoplifting procedures

* Promptly engages customers upon entry and exit, and guide them to relevant departments for services and products or calling for Team Member assistance for carry-outs

* Maintain constant presence at entrance or front of store monitoring incoming and outgoing customer traffic, as a deterrent to theft

* Perform customer and team member exit inspections per the policy

* Tag returns merchandise upon entry and direct customers to customer service

* Identifies and communicates all suspicious activity to Manager-on-Duty to prevent potential theft using various tools and technology such as handheld radio

* Checks in and records all relevant information on Vendor and Corporate visitors in official Store Visitor's Log

* Professionally reacts to customers at the doors should the alarm system start; obtains and documents key information for suspected thefts (merchandise, vehicle description, plate numbers, etc.)

* Responds with composure and partners with Manager during escalated situations including shoplifting, customer complaints, medical attention, emergency services (EMT-911-Police), parking lot incidents, weather, Code Adam, robberies, fires, EAS activities, etc.

* Accurately monitors and reports stolen, damaged, destroyed merchandise, theft, loss prevention and safety issues to management in a timely manner in the appropriate Store Log

* Adhere to company work hours, policies, procedures and rules governing professional staff behavior

Physical Requirements & Attendance

* Ability to work flexible schedule including nights, weekends and holidays based on business needs.

* Requires walking, standing, and is able to move and/or lift at least 30lbs

* Acceptable level of hearing, talking and vision to perform job duties

Part time

Equal Opportunity Employer