Senior Front-End Engineer (Remote)

Tava Health
 Salt Lake City, UT


If you had all day to work on any development project you wanted, chances are that you would pick something you’re passionate about. It might even be something that could change people’s lives for the better. At Tava Health, that’s exactly what we’ve done. We’re passionate about improving emotional healthcare and it’s our mission to do it through frictionless, technology-enabled care.

The “technology-enabled” part is where you come in. We’re seeking an experienced front-end engineer whose passion for development is rivaled only by a passion for meaningful mission-based work. You’ll have the responsibility to ensure that the emotional healthcare we provide is enabled by functional and reliable software platforms for clinicians, clients, and internal staff. This work will improve the quality of our customers’ lives, and that’s work worth doing.


  • Build engaging patient-first experiences in addition to tools for therapists and administrators
  • Work to improve our user experience by collaborating on initiatives with our design team
  • Work with back-end engineering to define powerful APIs that will serve multiple products
  • Proactively ensure that security best practices are implemented across our interfaces
  • Push the envelope of traditional healthcare software experiences by embracing experimentation


  • Ability to move fast and work through ambiguity - we are a young company and are constantly balancing the demands of business growth and platform reliability
  • Ability to work across more than one product. We have products for patients, clinicians, and administrators
  • Willingness to learn new technologies and processes that may be out of your comfort zone
  • Empathy for everyone you affect: patients, clinicians, coworkers, and yourself
  • Proactive and consistent improvement of the security of our systems
  • Clear and efficient technical writing and thought to communicate complex ideas
  • Four or more years of software development experience
  • A bachelor’s degree in computer science or the equivalent is preferred but not required

Key Front-End Technologies:

  • React
  • Typescript (we also love Javascript)
  • GraphQL