Research Analyst 1 - Correlation Dept

The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints Salt Lake City, UT
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Posting Dates: 05/15/2018 - 05/26/2018

Job Family: Library, Research&Preservation

Department: Correlation Department


This position supports the Correlation Research Division's assignment to provide timely, relevant, and reliable information to General Authorities and Church administrators to help them respond to diverse challenges and opportunities.

The Research Analyst 1 is an entry-level position for persons qualified to perform basic technical research and statistical work. Work at this level generally relies on proven techniques and methodologies.


Education and experience:

* Bachelor's degree plus 2 years professional experience, or master's degree plus 1 year professional experience.

Research Skills:

* Draft survey questionnaires, quality control survey process to ensure quality of research

* Field questionnaires, monitor responses, compile and interpret basic descriptive data

* Use software tools (e.g., Qualtrics, SPSS, Microsoft Office) to collect and analyze data and to communicate research findings

* Help ensure research interactions with members and leaders are clear and professional

* Draft research reports and presentations

* Reason logically and creatively

* Gain and maintain the confidence and cooperation of others

* (Preferred) Ability to design Microsoft SharePoint sites for disseminating information



Research 75% - Help design research to answer client questions. Collect, analyze, and interpret data. Draft research reports and products for sharing results. Help support the Church's efforts to conduct survey research worldwide via the internet.

Consultation 10% - Help consult with clients to define needed information help provide answers.

Scholarship 10% - Develop familiarity in a topic area.

Leadership 3% - Help colleagues solve problems.

Management 2% - Assist with some administrative tasks. Manage risks appropriately (legal, data privacy, etc.).

Worthiness Qualification

Must be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and currently temple worthy.

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