Operator I
West Valley City
 Salt Lake City, UT



JOB TITLE: Operator I

DEPARTMENT: Public Works

DIVISION: Operations

REPORTS TO: Crew Leader



This position primarily drives a truck and performs a variety of manual semi-skilled tasks associated with the maintenance and repair of city streets. Operate a variety of equipment, including loaders, small trucks and larger trucks exceeding 26,000 pounds gross vehicle weight. Works effectively with other crew members.


Drive truck and operate a variety of equipment in the performance of street maintenance tasks.

Patch and repair potholes, sweep dirt from pavement base, assist with the laying of asphalt, and smooth the surface with hand or portable equipment. Operate a roller in smoothing asphalt patches.

Clean storm drains, grate and ditch of obstruction using hand tools, pump, or small mechanical equipment.

Mix and pour concrete, haul concrete in a wheelbarrow and spread and level using shovels, rake and hand tools.

Sweep curbs, gutters, and streets. Load debris into specified containers, clean gutters, dig out snow and ice formed on gutters and loads material into loaders.

Operate a variety of pieces of equipment up to and exceeding 26,000 lbs. gross vehicle weight to perform a variety of tasks, including plowing snow.

Flag traffic and erect and dismantle barricades, signs, and cones.

Work with other crew members to perform work tasks efficiently and effectively.

Learn and follow department policies and procedures governing any work performed.

Perform routine maintenance or emergency repairs of equipment as required.

Respond to emergency call-out at odd hours. Wear a beeper, if assigned.

Identify opportunities to improve service to the service to the public, explain projects to the public and answer questions about City-related issues in a pleasant and tactful manner.

Learn the operation of other department equipment on a training basis as time permits. Suggest opportunities to improve City services in performing work tasks.

Flag traffic upon certification.

Other duties may be assigned.


Ability to operate a variety of equipment and perform heavy physical labor for extended periods of time in all types of weather conditions. General knowledge of equipment use, operation, maintenance, and repair. General knowledge of methods, materials and equipment use and operation. General knowledge of methods, materials, and equipment involved in performing road and storm drainage maintenance repair. Ability to operate light equipment, including snow plows, salt units, backhoe or small loaders, crack seal equipment, pneumatic tools, hand tools, mowing machines, pumps and other equipment. Ability to follow written and verbal instructions, work effectively with others, work long hours in stressful weather conditions and to accept call-out responsibility. Ability to respond to change productively and perform other tasks as assigned. Ability to read, write and perform business mathematics equivalent to a high school degree.


Graduation from a standard senior high school or G.E.D. equivalent. Minimum of two years related work experience, including two years of experience demonstrating the ability to drive trucks, operate a variety of small equipment and to work well with others in performing heavy manual labor.


English (preferably the ability speak, read and write)


Posses a valid Utah A or B Operators License without air brake restrictions and the ability to drive safely.


Ability to perform heavy physical labor for extended periods of time in all types of weather conditions.


Frequently subject to extreme weather conditions, including heat, cold, rain and snow. Frequent exposure to dust, fumes, hot asphalt and road improvement materials. Subject to moderate noise levels. Exposure to moderate physical hazards in the performance of projects and maintenance. Exposure to intermittent stress due to human behavior and job tasks.

Please apply at: www.wvc-ut.gov/jobs