General Department Assistant
Natural Grocers
 Salt Lake City, UT


The General Department Assistant is responsible for assisting the Department Managers in the successful operation and profitability of each department (Vitamins, Body Care, Grocery/Dairy/Frozen/Bulk, Produce, Receiving). This position has limited Manager on Duty responsibilities.


Key Responsibilities include the essential functions, but are not limited to:

  • Customers are greeted and serviced per company standards of World Class customer service and customer complaints are handled appropriately per company policy.
  • Professionalism is required at all times. The highest level of respect and integrity in day-to-day actions with employees, customers, vendors and outside contacts is required.
  • The departments are inviting, orderly, clean and all displays eye appealing and adequately stocked.
  • Products customers want to buy are in-stock and customers are provided with new choices.
  • Passive demos are provided with customer preferred samplings.
  • Special orders are handled appropriately and per company policy.
  • The departments are set, maintained and closed per company standards on a daily basis
  • Cost of goods sold (COGS) is maintained within company standards.
  • Product is ordered from the appropriate vendor in order to receive discounts and maintain highest margins.
  • Promptly and correctly shrinks out damaged and expired product using SAP.
  • Inventory management – maintain and monitor proper inventory levels per company standards utilizing SAP system and reports.
  • In-stock conditions meet company standards.
  • Product mix is monitored per company policy.
  • Assist with the training of department personnel and follow up on assigned tasks.
  • Work with other Department Managers to accomplish tasks on a daily basis.
  • Product knowledge is continually increased, including the use of Structure/Function statements and/or statements of nutritional support.
  • Responsible for proper signage, product rotation, ordering, cleanliness, stocking, backstock, and returns per company procedures and standards.
  • Able to work weekends, holidays, attend store meetings and work a flexible work schedule -40 hours a week.
  • The General Department Assistant's involvement is required with monthly inventories.
  • Supports store opening and closing activities including Daily Sales Report (DSR) and cash handling and cashier closeout responsibilities.
  • Ensures customers are waited on in a timely manner and per company standards of excellence.
  • Performance and personnel issues should only be discussed in the manager's office, not in front of other employees, customers or vendors.
  • This position is never intended to be the overall Manager on Duty for the store.


In addition to the already stated duties, the Produce responsibilities include:

  • Ensuring the produce rack is consistently fresh, full and abundant.
  • Produce is culled and rotated daily as well as crisped and watered on a regular basis.
  • Produce is stored properly at the end of the day.
  • Ensuring safety guidelines are followed at all times including knife safety, slip prevention and safe lifting.
  • All incoming produce orders are received per company standards and taken to the produce department to be stocked or placed in the cooler. Produce backstock is dated and kept organized by date.


In addition to the already stated duties, the Receiving responsibilities include:

  • All incoming products are received and recorded per company standards on a daily basis. This includes:
  • checking all product expiration dates as appropriate
  • stamping the invoice with the date the product was received and writing the receipt number on the purchase order
  • logging all UPS, FedEx and 3rd party shippers on to the Receiving Log
  • ensuring all checked-in product flows to the sales floor
  • ensuring that dairy, frozen or other perishable product is stored in the freezer or cooler;
  • checking for special orders, setting aside special order products, handling customer notifications, and notifying the department manager if a special order does not come in.
  • closing known open purchase orders at the end of each day
  • All incoming products from DSD vendors (goods receipt without a purchase order) are received and recorded
  • All discrepancies are handled per company standards on a daily basis. This includes:
  • researching discrepancy on the same day the PO is received making sure it is a true discrepancy
  • calling the over-ships and miss-picks in to the vendors
  • Completing as returns to vendor the expired/damaged products and miss-orders.
  • Processing invoices daily and sending in to Home office twice each week.
  • Receiving and checking-in all incoming product is according to the following priority – dairy, frozen, grocery, vitamins, and body care.
  • Communicating with other department managers and store staff incoming product, special orders, discounts, free fills and any other pertinent information.
  • Receiving produce orders are in the absence of the Produce Manager or designated staff.
  • Ensuring the backroom remains secure at all times.

Although this is a general outline of job responsibilities all employees are expected to be “hands on“ and do whatever it takes to get the job done and make the company thrive.


Education, Skills & Experience:

  • High school diploma or GED preferred
  • Previous retail experience in a grocery or retail environment; natural foods background a plus
  • Ability to pass applicable food safety training courses and/or certifications as required by state and/or county law and maintain compliance by keeping certifications up to date and registered with the appropriate agency if applicable.
  • Must be able to pass a background check
  • Possesses a sense of urgency in the completion of tasks
  • Highly organized with great attention to detail
  • Ability to take direction and follow through
  • Must be cashier trained.
  • Basic computer knowledge and experience required
  • Knowledge of MS Word, Excel and Outlook

This job description is not an employment contract. It does not guarantee a job or that the above listed duties are the limit of responsibilities. The job and job description are subject to change with and without notice. Employees are required to accomplish any and all tasks assigned to him/her by their Store Manager and/or other corporate managers that may not be listed in this job description.

Physical Capabilities: Heavy

Key for Physical Demands: N = Never

O = Occasional; 1-33% of time

F = Frequent; 34-75% of time

C = Constant; 76-100% of time

Environmental Demands

Key for Environmental Demands: N = Never

O = Occasional; 1-33% of time

F = Frequent; 34-75% of time

C = Constant; 76-100% of time