Accelerator Co-Director | National Social Impact Accelerator (part-time, remote, volunteer)

Ignite Mental Health
 Saint Petersburg, FL

Do you want to improve the world? Have you ever wondered what it would be like to learn and grow at a world-changing organization just as they started growing rapidly? Excited by the opportunity to power world-class entrepreneurs and Changemakers as they work to positively impact the lives of 100,000’s & 1,000,000’s?

At Ignite Mental Health we're accelerating world-class mental health entrepreneurs and mobilizing key change agents to catalyze the scalable innovations and legislative changes needed to transform the future of student mental health literacy and access. Using this approach, we're working to make the impossible inevitable; helping build and scale lasting legislative changes and breakthrough organizations to be as impactful as Google and Facebook that focus solely on equipping every student with a standard measure of mental health literacy and access.

All of us at Ignite have experienced first-hand, or through that of loved ones and friends, the pain caused by how broken our approaches towards mental health really are. This has driven us to come together to unite some of the best minds and doers to fix it, on a national scale and accelerated timeline.

Become a member of a bold and ambitious mission-driven team which grew rapidly with the support of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program, to become a nationwide effort in just nine months! You will perch atop a fast-growing organization working to catalyze national and global change with the opportunity to learn, grow, and hopefully thrive in our fast-paced, entrepreneurial, and impact-driven environment.

Ignite Accelerator

Ignite Accelerator is tasked with helping achieve Ignite's ambitious mental health literacy and access targets by creating an industry leading accelerator partnering with and scaling the best mental health literacy and access focused startups. If you’re a fan of digestible analogies: You will be joining us as we build a powerhouse for social change, analogous to the StartupHealth or Khosla Ventures, but focused on mental health literacy and access.

Ignite Accelerator will initially follow an atypical accelerator design providing tailored match-making services to selected growth-stage mental health literacy and access focused startups and connecting them to capacity-building resources and best-in-class services via partnerships with leading accelerators, venture builders, incubators, donors and investor bases. This will evolve as we quickly expand the team.

More about you

We are looking for a boldly ambitious, incredibly resourceful, and boundary-pushing Co-Director who is enthralled by the challenge and excited by the opportunity to build, lead and inspire a world-class team to create a powerhouse for social change that drives sweeping improvements in national mental health literacy and access.

If you are an experienced startup leader looking to join a tight-knit, mission-driven and world-class team to tackle a problem affecting every facet of society and in doing so help reduce suffering and save lives on a national scale, then this may be the perfect opportunity for you.

PS: As you saw from the title, we're straight up that we're not funded by a zillionaire (yet!) and this is a non-compensated opening that is volunteer in nature at a social impact non-profit.

We’re expanding our world-class team... This is where you come in.

What you’ll do (alongside another Co-Director)

  • Co-Design, co-build and lead a world-class accelerator and team focused on adding real value to selected growth-stage literacy and access-focused startups.
  • Help evaluate the needs of participants in order to scale, advise and connect them with the necessary resources.
  • Assess and monitor best practices in the accelerator and venture builder world to understand what is and isn’t working and ensure we’re pioneering a best-in-class program design.
  • Work with our Partnership’s Director to develop partnerships with leading partners in the venture, accelerator and donor/investor space.

Must haves

  • Significant experience working directly with accelerators or incubators helping companies scale, or within startups helping them scale (Founder or COO who’s scaled a growth-stage company, run a growth-stage accelerator, VC principal/senior associate, etc.). Leadership experience.
  • Experience building or working with a significant program from scratch (or formative stage) that engages third-party service providers to improve the capacity of participants.
  • Proven project management in lean, complex, fast-paced environments, a founder-friendly approach and knowledge of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.
  • Deeply driven to transform the future of mental health (but that's a given!).

Time, Structure & Financial

  • Success in this role may involve volunteering 10 to 13 hours per week. The Co-Director may join a team of 1-3 Co-Directors who will split areas of responsibilities. Hours can be flexible based on the Co-Directors own schedule with ample options to integrate with the team both during and after standard 9-5 EST hours.
  • Ignite Mental Health currently operates a tight-knit and uniquely high-skilled, volunteer-run non-profit social impact organization; efficiently coordinated by a core HQ team of exceptionally dedicated leaders, collectively lending their time to help reduce suffering and save lives on a national scale and accelerated timeline.
  • This position is non-compensated and volunteer in nature. We assist all candidates who are enrolled in or work for a University or Sponsoring Organization, with the preparation of all documentation required to support applications for stipends, non-profit work pay related programs, financial fellowships or financial scholarships. As a newly incorporated social-impact non-profit our incoming Capital Raising Team will be working hard to establish partnerships to fund stipends, renumeration etc. At this moment, however, we are unfortunately unable to commit to renumeration of any form.
  • Third-party websites may provide erroneously calculated salary projections for positions. These estimates are not provided by Ignite and are incorrect.


  • Our Co-Director would be welcome to work remotely from anywhere in the world or in-person with our Founder and key team members in the Boston area. In-person options may be dependent on a range of COVID-19 health and safety related factors.


  • Join an amazingly talented community of like minded peers across the US while working on high-impact projects to improve mental health nationally.
  • Have fun while you make a difference.
  • Develop new skills, insights & experience in a fast-changing entrepreneurial environment.
  • + a whole load of other things which we'll gladly discuss during the interview process!

Ignite Mental Health is not a department of Harvard University, nor are we in anyway owned or operated by the University. Ignite's only connection with the University is that we were founded by Harvard students/ alumni and incubated by and worked (pre-covid) out of the Harvard Innovation Labs Venture Program. We ask that all communications are directed to Ignite and not the Harvard Innovation Lab.

This description is intended to describe the general nature and level of work which may be performed by persons assigned to this position. It is not intended to include all duties, responsibilities or other potentially relevant information which may change between the date of this posting and potential interviews.

We're working to scale innovative solutions and legislative changes —unafraid of transforming traditional approaches—that tackle the root causes of some of the biggest problems affecting mental health.

Are you in?