Operations Manager

Salvation Army USA Saint Paul, MN

The Operations Manager performs the function of Property Manager at Booth Brown House, which entails all activities related to rent, leases & addendum, and finances. The Operations Manager is responsible for ensuring that a safe and supportive living environment is provided. The Operations Manager oversees the hiring, training and supervision of Maintenance Specialist, Maintenance Custodian, , and Administrative Assistant positions. The Operations Manager is responsible to ensure the property meets all grant and licensing obligations. The Operations Manager will ensure that program guidelines and building standards are being met in accordance with all funding requirements and inspections from local, state and federal authorities. In conjunction with Program Director, the Operations Manager will act as a liaison to Divisional Headquarters Property Management.

The Operations Manager will serve as a role model for staff and represent the agency in the professional community. This is a full time regular position with a workweek expectation of 40 hours per week.


Personnel 1. Provide supervision, direction and leadership to Administrative Assistant, Maintenance Specialist, and Maintenance Custodian. Responsible to maintain a comprehensive awareness of general personnel needs as well as the needs of individual employees. Responsible to provide structure, set limits and carry through, asserting authority appropriately. 2. Participate in the hiring process by assisting with interviews, checking references, and processing of paper work. Maintain a clear, accurate understanding of the demands and responsibilities of each position and make hiring recommendations accordingly.3. Schedule, conduct, and keep records of, regular and timely individual supervisory sessions with appointed staff. Stimulate individual growth and creativity by maintaining relevant written goals and objectives for each employee.4. In conjunction with Program Director and Program Managers assist with complicated personnel issues. 5. Conduct yearly performance reviews. 6. Make employment recommendations and submit to the Program Director and TCSS Director for submission to Divisional Headquarters. 7. Attend regularly scheduled staff meetings.

Property Management8. Maintain awareness of the overall quality of the physical living conditions (cleanliness and repair).9. Maintain and issue all key fobs for incoming staff and residents. 10. Establish and maintain routines that preserve and maximize the quality of the living space, furnishings and materials. Promptly submit repair orders to maintenance for any damage.11. Coordinate property maintenance to ensure all apartment units are in accordance with licensing, funders' expectations and City and State Law. 12. Assist with facilitating timely move-in and move-outs to ensure a low yearly vacancy rate, including ensuring apartment turns are completed in a timely manner. 13. Ensure that BBH's Marketing Plan is executed properly to maximize the profitability of program fees for BBH. 14. Ensure apartment inspections are completed. 15. In conjunction with the Program Director, oversee annual inspections of all units and building codes by maintenance staff and follow-up to see that necessary repairs are written up and completed in a timely manner. 16. Act as a liaison between Booth Brown House and the Divisional Property Manager. 17. Check on outstanding work orders more than a week old. 18. Act as a liaison to the Finance department. 19. Ensure that property personnel provide excellent service to residents, while maximizing revenue streams to BBH and controlling costs to the agency. 20. Issue Lease Violations, Mutual Lease Terminations, Approve Payment Plans21. Ensure new leases with incoming residents & renewal leases with current residents are completed.22. Update Advisory Council monthly regarding on-going and upcoming property concerns.

Compliance23. Assist with oversight and development of all funder required reports and data management. 24. Responsible for managing all maintenance records, building inspections records, vehicle records, and other operational documentation.25. Assist with the development and implementation of the budget. 26. Ensure the property complies with applicable laws and regulations.27. Ensure kitchen operations meet or exceed standards. 28. Maintain vehicle fleet in accordance with TSA and DOT guidelines29. Keep relevant statistics. 30. Issue rent statements and collect pay stubs.31. Issue rent notices, such as calculations and late fees.32. Handle all funds that come into BBH - including rent, laundry & donations33. Deposit all funds at the bank and coordinate with DHQ Finance Department34. Manage Foyer Housing Support (GRH) Funds.

General35. Maintain positive work atmosphere by behaving and communicating in a manner that fosters good relationships with co-workers. This would include, but is not limited to such actions: resolution of conflicts in a professional manner; courteous treatment of staff, visitors and clients; respect of others' property and person and professional and appropriate communication to and about co-workers, and subordinates.36. Role model and ensure that the highest quality of care is being given to youth accessing Booth Brown House. At all, times abide by and uphold BBH's service philosophies. 37. Represent the program in the professional community and maintain working relationships with community resource personnel. Understand and be able to explain program, philosophy, goals and objectives.38. Ensure building inventories for audit purposes are completed. 39. Participate in fund raising activities, including State Fair Parking40. Develop and implement policies and procedures that support the mission of Booth Brown House and meet licensing requirements. 41. Manage and increase the efficiency of internal operations through improved communication and systems management. 42. Represent Booth Brown House as a Community Liaison when appropriate and designated by Program Director II. 43. Other responsibilities as delegated.44. In the absence of the Operations Manager the Program Director II will cover the job duties until the situation is resolved.


* Must have an applicable Bachelor's Degree in Business Management/Administration and some experience with property management• Preferred experience working with individuals who have experienced homelessness.• Background should include proven success in management, purchasing, staff development, security, housekeeping/maintenance• Must be familiar with the standard concepts, practices, and procedures with the field of security and OSHA regulations• Minimum 2-3 years of experience with supervision. • Must possess demonstrated leadership ability, integrity, and strong communication skills. • Must be able to supervise, motivate, teach and guide staff members on the philosophy of care embraced by Booth Brown House. • Ability and willingness to work flexible schedules including some nights and weekends• Must have awareness of and/or experience working with community resources • Must pass the background checks. • Must have a valid driver's license• Willing to support the mission of The Salvation Army.• It must be understood by the incumbent that the provisions of Safe From Harm will apply upon commencement of employment and also understood that the required Safe From Harm training be satisfactorily completed within the first thirty (30) days of employment.