Customer Services Escape MSP (STP)

Escape Inc. Saint Paul, MN

Your mission, if you choose to accept it (and if we hire you) is...

Clocks, locks and secret passages...a team of agents get locked in a fully themed room with two goals; collect the hidden assets and escape the room before time runs out! Mission Producers are responsible for running and operating our fully themed experiences.

The Escape MSP (St Paul) Branch is located 256 7th St E #248, St Paul, MN 55101. This is a part-time position working 10-15 hours per week. Must be available to work some daytime hours 10:00 AM - 5: 00 PM and weekends.


* Greet and brief guests before their mission begin. Use top secret code words like "Hello" and "Welcome". Just be your usual, secret agent self.

* Manage the mission experience: operating surveillance equipment, controlling mission clock and communicating clues via the clue delivery systems. If necessary, call in help from Secret Squirrel and use the spy camera located in your ballpoint pen.

* Debriefing duties. Finish the job to be done.

* Meticulously reset mission room with great attention to detail. Use your photographic memory... or just refer to your classified handbook.

* Opening & closing operational responsibilities.


* A zest for life, energetic, and FUN personality. Even special agents have a sense of humor.

* Ability to adapt and overcome issues using quick thinking and problem-solving skills. If you come upon a bomb that's ready to blow, remember: cut the red wire.

* High initiative, self-motivated and must be a quick learner. If you're caught not being motivated, we may have to disavow all knowledge of your whereabouts.

* Outgoing, easy to talk to, and must feel comfortable speaking in front of and controlling a large group of people. Put on the shades and just act like a normal, undercover agent.

* Can-do attitude with a no-task-too-small mindset. Even James Bond empties the garbage sometimes.

* 1-2 years of work experience. Includes non-covert work as well.

* Required to work some weekends.

Pay Scale, Compensation, and Hours:

* Part-time position

* Hourly Wage = $12.50 to $16.50 per hour

* Discounts

* Eligible for applicable incentives