Registered Nurse P11-12

State of Michigan Saint Louis, MO
Job Description

This is a senior Registered Professional Nurse (RN12) position which requires advanced clinical decision making skills and judgment. The RN12 is the first, and sometimes, only health care professional to access and/or treat correctional residents. It is the RN 12 who determines the need for and timeliness of an appropriate referral to the physician. S/He is the only health care professional expected to independently perform the full range of duties inside of the correctional setting. In any and all settings, the RN 12 is expected to initiate and sustain life-saving care and measures as appropriate, as well as perform the full range of clinical nursing duties. The complexity of the work exceeds written, established methods and procedures often available, and therefore, the RN12 is expected to exercise considerable independent judgment in selecting the most appropriate course of action. The RN12 works as an emergency clinic nurse and as an ambulatory clinic nurse. This position is located 100% within the secure perimeter of a correctional facility and is a drug and alcohol test designated position.

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Required Education and Experience


Possession of a diploma, associate's, bachelor's, or master's degree in nursing accepted for licensure by the Michigan Board of Nursing.


Registered Nurse P11

No specific type or amount is required.

Registered Nurse 12

One year of experience equivalent to a Registered Nurse P11.

Alternate Education and Experience

Registered Nurse 12

Possession of a master's degree in nursing or possession of a bachelor's degree in nursing and six months of experience equivalent to a Registered Nurse P11 may be substituted for the experience requirement.

Additional Requirements and Information

Possession of a Michigan license in good standing as a registered nurse.

The Department of Corrections will not hire individuals who have been convicted of a felony or who have felony charges pending, in accordance with Public Act 140 of 1996.

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