Program Manager
 Saint Louis, MO
Req Number: 5575

Position Summary
The Program Manager coordinates support services for individuals with developmental disabilities living in their own homes or with family within the community (Independent Living), as well as individuals living in Host/Companion Provider settings (Shared Living). Will manage a caseload of individuals, and monitors for program quality, individual and family satisfaction, fiscal responsibility, and compliance with funding source and accreditation standards.Core Functions
*Provide direct oversight to individuals: for Independent Living, visit each individual on their caseload no less than three times per year; for Shared Living, visit each individual and host/companion provider no less than twice per quarter.
*Responsible for oversight and quality of services provided per the Individual Service Plan of each individual on their assigned caseload.
*For Shared Living, responsible for monitoring of services provided by the Host/Companion Provider, including medical care, behavior development, and overall care as outlined in the ISP and required by DMH Shared Living standards. This includes ensuring that necessary follow-up tasks related to HIPS, QMRFs and monthly nursing reviews are completed by the Host/Companion Provider.
*Responsible for writing and developing the ISP and/or Action Plan as well as other data-based plans for all individuals.
*Provides support to Independent Living Advocates in the implementation of all Individual Service and Action plans.
*Ensure all ISPs are completed and submitted for review according to agency guidelines. Create ISPs that meet agency, funder, and CARF guidelines and provide opportunities for growth.
*Facilitates plan meetings and provides input into plan development. Ensures development of data tracking systems and methodologies.
*Review log notes, data collection and reports to ensure they meet CARF and funder guidelines.
*Responsible for reporting community events. Works to trend and seek resolution to reportable events, and other indicators of quality service delivery.
*Maintains knowledge and skill in the field of developmental disabilities and Autism by keeping abreast of research, innovations, and improvements in programming. Attend at least 2 outside training opportunities annually.
*Communicates any change in functioning, health status, or behavior for the individual to the Director.
*Submits regular written reports as required.
*Maintains familiarity with and implements all accreditation standards as well as any and all other requirements mandated by the contracting agency. Maintains individual and personnel confidentiality according to agency's HIPAA practices.
*Supervises the maintenance of all individuals' files to ensure all requirements are met, including auditing the files twice annually.
*Coordinates, conducts, or attends all agency required meetings, monthly team meetings, quarterly team building activities, and required agency training sessions.
*Ensures that follow up items from case management monitoring reports as well as DMH nursing review reports are completed in a timely manner as applicable.
*Maintains professional relationship with guardians and family members, as well as Host/Companion Providers, and maintains communication with these individuals according to their preferences.
*Respond to all work related communication (email and voice mail) within requested or specified time frames.
*Fulfill responsibility of on-call rotation.
*Audit individual finances: for Independent Living, no less than quarterly if financial rights restriction is in place; for Shared Living, no less than monthly.
*Will follow Independent Living program transition process and complete transition documentation whenever an individual is transitioned to a new Advocate.
*Ensure documentation reflects accurate billing for all funding sources.
*Fulfill additional duties as assigned.Core Competencies
*Must possess good communication skills.
*Must have a desire to manage support services for individuals with developmental disabilities.
*Must possess self-motivation, initiative and independence to work without direct supervision.
*Must be flexible, reliable and dependable.
*Must be able to manage and embrace change.
*Must be able to provide excellent individual service.
*Must be willing to accept inherent challenges of a 24-hour support system.
*Ability to plan and prioritize in order to meet deadlines.Contacts
Internal: Daily contact with Independent Living Advocates and/or their assigned Staffing Manager, Quality Manager and/or Director in order to share information about individuals' progress and/or needs. May also have contact with staff from other programs to share information specific to individuals. Frequent contact with other Community Living and Employment Managers, as well as Host/Companion Providers. External: Frequent contact with family members and/or guardians, service providers, funding source staff, case managers, etc. in order to exchange information and/or give updates of individuals' progress.Employees Supervised:
Directly: N/A
Indirectly: Independent Living Advocates, Floater Advocates and Community Support Instructors; Shared Living Host/Companion Providers, Relief Providers

Annual Budgetary Responsibilities: Ensure individuals are provided the support hours reflected in their plan and maintain the weekly/monthly utilization needed to stay within budget. Qualifications:
Education: Bachelor's degree from an accredited university with at least 24 credit hours in the human services field. Experience: Minimum of 1 years' supervisory experience and 2 years' working with people with developmental disabilities with one of those years in a community living setting. Specific Skills: Maintains safe driving record, Missouri Class E license or Illinois license, and current vehicle insurance. Must have reliable, working vehicle. Must have the ability to do simple accounting.Other: Must be willing to work a flexible schedule. Must be proficient in Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook, as well as willing to travel within the St. Louis and/or St. Charles area. Must possess and utilize Smart Phone device for communication; must utilize email.

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