Fleet Technician Journeyman
 Saint Louis, MO

About the Position


Under direct but not constant supervision, to do a general range of repair and

maintenance work on automotive equipment, constructio n equipment and power take-off driven equipment; to repair garage equipment as required; to direct the work of another

Automotive Mechanic or Fleet Services employee of lesser grade; and do similar and less skilled work as required. In this connection to perform details of work, such as:

Overhaul motors, transmissions and differentials. Analyze motors.

Overhaul and adjust brake systems.

Repair, overhaul and align vehicle front end and steering systems. Repack, adjust or replace


Repair and overhaul fuel systems. Repair and overhaul cooling systems.

Install, repair and overhaul electrical systems. Do welding.

Make minor fender and body repairs. Paint or touch up.

Make modifications on equipment as required. Install crew cab glass.

Repair or replace suspension systems. Repair or replace tires.

Balance wheels.

Replace or repair components of construction equipment and power take-off driven equipment.

Maintain small powered equipment.

Attend garage gasoline service station, as required. Make service calls.


For proper care and use of tools, materials and shop equipment.

For responding to calls quickly, and restoring equipment to service in a minimum of time. For working with precision when making close adjustments.

For close careful inspection and adjustment of equipment for the protection of operators and


For following safe working practices. CONTACTS:

Frequently with Stores Department employees and distributors in picking up parts and materials.

With those having work done on equipment in the field or in the shop. WORKING CONDITIONS:

Exposed to outside weather conditions; must dress for inside and outside work; subject to

irritations from gas, oil, solvents, fumes; and to damp and drafty conditions.


Subject to skin abrasions; to eye injury from foreign particles, to the hazards of carbon monoxide gas; to the hazard of working under and around equipment; to street and highway traffic.


Candidates who cannot perform some or all of these duties because of disabilities will nevertheless receive full consideration for the job based on their ability to perform the essential functions.


Graduation from high school or successful completion of a recognized high school equivalency examination.

Successful completion of an approved educational program in automotive maintenance or its equivalent.

Shall have satisfactorily performed for two years in an automotive maintenance facility in a repair technician classification or its equivalent.

Must be able to meet and deal with people, be willing to work alone for considerable periods, be active and able-bodied and have average physical strength and endurance.

Must be a competent operator of equipment and be able to qualify for chauffeur's license. Must successfully complete all testing requirements related to this classification.

Must obtain and maintain a valid class (A) C.D.L. license with HAZMAT endorsement.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability or protected veteran status.