ANUAK INTERPRETER - Saint Cloud, MN - This is not a remote / telecommuting position.

ARCH Language Network Saint Cloud, MN
ARCH Language Network is a language interpreting and translation agency based in St. Paul, with additional offices throughout Minnesota. We provide interpreting services to hospitals, clinics, legal & social service environments. We are currently looking for professional interpreters to work as independent contractors. Flexible schedule allows you to work when you are available.


* Provide interpreting services as an independent contractor

* Comply with the National Council on Interpreting in Health Care (NCIHC) Code of Ethics

* When necessary, serve as a cultural broker between client and provider

* Perform duties in a professional manner

* Turn in worksheets within 24 hours of appointment


* Must demonstrate fluency in English and Anuak languages

* Effective in time management

* Professional demeanor and appearance

* Completed Immunization Records

* Proof of citizenship or valid work permit

* Reliable transportation

* Must be 18 years of age or older

* High School Diploma

* "Only candidates who currently live in the direct vicinity advertised in this job posting will be able to work in this role"