Maintenance Specialist - 2nd Shift

Textron Rockford, IL


* Maintains mechanically and electrically all machines, buildings, material handling equipment, pneumatic and electrical distribution systems, performing lubrication, as required.

* Diagnoses and corrects mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic and pneumatic problems on all equipment, lighting, and HVAC.

* Fabricates replacement parts as needed using proper equipment.

* Performs welding, brazing, soldering, torch burning, minor piping and painting, as required.

* Moves and installs machines and equipment, as required.

* Occasionally, empties, fills, or transports containers of hazardous or non-hazardous waste materials.

* Performs and adheres to all Company policies and procedures relative to safety, EPA, and OSHA requirements. Will receive training to stay current with regulations.

* Performs preventive maintenance on the building and all equipment.

* Removes ice and snow as required.

* Occasionally performs work at other facilities, as required.

* Participates in training to develop necessary skills as job requirements change.

* Order and receive equipment when needed.

* Supports LEAN concepts.

* Strong mechanical and electrical diagnostic capabilities. Ability to use various hand/power tools, gages, and read prints necessary to repair company equipment, including minor repairs to forklifts, etc.

* Must have HVAC electrical and electronic knowledge, aptitude, and experience, as well as an understanding of building systems and machines.

* Must be familiar with practices and procedures relative to safety, EPA, and OSHA.