Title I Parent Liaison

Sweetwater County School District #1 Rock Springs, WY
Sweetwater County

School District Number One

P.O. Box 1089

Rock Springs, WY 82902-1089


Job Title: Title I Parent Liaison

Location: District - Title I Schools

Reports To: Director of Grants and Federal Programs

Terms of Employment:

Months Per Year: 9

Part Time: Up to 29 Hours

Salary Classification: P-II

Nature and Scope of Job:

The Parent Liaison acts under the supervision of the Director of Grants and Federal Programs. The Parent Liaison works to increase and improve Family Engagement in Sweetwater County School District #1 by conducting meetings/trainings for Title I parents and providing information to these parents in order to encourage communication and improve student achievement.

Job Functions

Essential Functions:

1. Serves as a Title I liaison between home and school, which may include home visits, parent meetings at schools, and community activities.

2. Works in a collaborative manner with the parents, teachers, principals, and the Director of Grants and Federal Programs for the improvement/enrichment of Family Engagement and student achievement.

3. Arranges and conducts regular parent meetings/workshops throughout the school year in all Title I


4. Creates informational and educational materials to share with parents.

5. Participates in staff development opportunities to improve skills in Title I as relating to Family Engagement.

6. Promotes communication with parents and school district.

7. Acts as a resource for obtaining information for parents.

8. Completes the necessary paperwork for Title I parent outreach compliance and accountability.

9. Coordinates community services to meet the needs of Title I children and families.

10. Maintains confidentiality and professionalism in carrying out responsibilities.

Other Functions:

Follows all school district policies and procedures.

Maintains accurate and complete records that are required by law, District policy and procedure.

Keeps informed by reading building and district communications.

Responds to requests for information in a timely manner.

Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.

Job Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills and Mental Ability:

Possesses a working knowledge of family dynamics and needs, community resources, and diversity.

Demonstrates oral and written proficiency in English.

Demonstrates ability to communicate effectively with students, parents, schools, community, and District personnel.

Possesses integrity, excellent character, and good reputation.

Maintains strong organization skills.

Demonstrates knowledge of computers and word processing.

Possesses ability to follow and successfully complete both written and oral directions.

Possesses the ability to work with various personality types.

Exhibits sound emotional judgment.

Education, License, Certification or Formal Training:

Must be Highly Qualified: Highly qualified classification is 48 college hours, AA degree, or a passing grade on the district approved ParaPro test.

Valid Wyoming driver's license.

Equipment Used:


Physical Demands:

Demonstrates sufficient strength and endurance to project voice to rooms of at least 20 adults for some period of time.

Possesses stamina to remain on feet or seated for periods of as long as 2 full hours without discomfort or excessive fatigue.

Exhibits visual acuity and stamina to work at a computer monitor for at least part of each day.

Environmental Demands:

Occasional exposure to weather extremes.

Air conditioned buildings.