Nutrition Services Van Driver

Sweetwater County School District #1 Rock Springs, WY
Job Title: Food Service Van Driver

Location: Central Kitchen-Rock Springs High School

Reports To: Food Service Director

Terms of Employment:

Salary: F-VI, $13.26/Hour

Nature and Scope of Job:

To organize and supervise warehouse operation and inventory of District food, supplies and equipment. In charge of transportation of District food, supplies and equipment.

Job Functions:

Essential Functions:

1. Organize three vans loading, distributing, picking up food and supplies according to prescribed routes and procedures following established time schedules.

2. Maintain and control accurate inventory procedures when pulling food for school orders. Rotate and stock according to pull dates to complete first-in first out-cycle. (FIFO)

3. Perform weekly inventories as required.

Other Functions:

1. Fill milk orders according to menu cycle and arrange delivery to schools.

2. Monitor refrigeration systems to detect any problem which could result in product loss.(record temperature of cooler downstairs on weekly basis).

3. Deliver food and supplies to outlying schools.

4. Deliver orders for in town schools.


Job Qualifications:

Knowledge, Skill and Mental Ability:

Ability to complete a variety of tasks as required to maintain and control the large volume of food and supplies involved.

Ability and knowledge to complete daily orders and track according to a prescribed system, which maintains accuracy of inventory.

Ability to guide managers in a positive manner when problems surface.

Use of extensive "people" skills as contact is made with all levels of people District wide on a day-to-day basis

Use of organizational skills and ability to successfully complete job responsibilities with speed and accuracy, ability to multi-taks.

Use safe driving techniques when operating food service vehicles. Always wear seat belt and have no more than two Sweetwaer County School District #1

employees riding in the cab.

Good driving record.

Minimum Requirements(Education, Experience or Formal Training):

High school diploma or equivalent

Complete yearly training to keep certified on sanitation requirements.

Complete yearly training on USDA Commodity requirements.

Equipment Used:


Fork Lift/Pallet Jack

Miscellaneous Small Equipment as dictated

Hand Cart

Physical Demands:

Extensive lifting demands (approximately 40-75 lbs.) when receiving food and supplies and completing orders.

Physical demands are also extensive on a day-to-day basis when delivering food and supplies to schools and daily warehouse work. (approximately 40-75 lbs.)

Environmental Demands:

Air-conditioned kitchen, if in central kitchen. Non air-conditioned kitchen and warehouse.

Occasional exposure to weather extremes