Supervisor CQL (1183-194)

Arc of Monroe County Rochester, NY
Responsible for oversight and day-to-day management of the agency's CQL efforts and the POMs interview and training processes. Responsibilities include:

* Providing leadership to agency management in order to facilitate the effective implementation and completion of CQL-accreditation-related plans and follow up.

* Providing regular reports on the status of CQL-related implementation plans.

* Ensuring that CQL and POMs-related training is completed as required.

* Supervising and providing guidance and support to the POMs Interviewer.

* Conducting POMs interviews.

Required Skills

Computer Skills

* Basic Outlook skills as evidenced by creating and sending messages, working with address books, message handling, creating and using personal folders, scheduling appointments, working with meeting requests and managing tasks.

* Intermediate Microsoft Word skills as evidenced by the ability to produce basic business letters and simple tables and charts; as well as check spelling, set tabs, change page orientation, sort, save, open and organize electronic files; as well as create moderately complex documents containing tables and graphs, and ability to mail merge documents, apply page setup functions (margins, page numbers, footers, headers), create an index and/or table of contents, use search & replace, print labels and envelopes.

* Basic Excel skills as evidenced by the ability to use workbooks, create simple formulas, insert and delete data, create and edit charts, filter and sort lists, and format data.

* Basic Microsoft Access skills as evidenced by the ability to open an existing database and table, print an existing table, move from record to record, copy and paste data; add, find and edit records; select a record, delete a record, sort data, create and apply filters, create a query, and print reports.

* Basic PowerPoint skills as evidenced by the ability to create and save a presentation, add titles, edit and delete slides, reordering slides, applying slide masters, checking spelling, and adding clip art.

Other Skills/Knowledge/Experience

* Excellent verbal and written communication skills across a variety of audiences.

* Ability to work independently and with a high level of integrity.

* Strong leadership and interpersonal skills; including the ability to motivate and work collaboratively with other departments.

* Ability to focus on the best interests of the individuals served.

* Strong attention to detail.

* Ability to balance competing demands, prioritize work assignments.

* Ability to be assertive while maintaining professionalism.

* Able to effectively facilitate meetings or willing/able to participate in training and demonstrate competence in this skill.

* Ability to effectively train people with a wide range of backgrounds, skills and abilities.

Physical Requirements

* Standing 20% of the time. Walking 20% of the time. Sitting 60% of the time.

* Primarily a normal office environment

* Will at times need to provide training and/or conduct interviews in a variety of agency settings including but not limited to residences or day programs.

* Occasionally required to climb stairs and reach.

* Primarily sedentary work with the need to exert up to 10 pounds of force occasionally.

* Ability to perform activities such as: preparing and analyzing data and figures; transcribing; working on a computer; determining the accuracy, neatness and thoroughness of work assigned; and extensive reading – either visually or through reasonable accommodation.


* Valid NYS Driver's License. Availability of insured personal vehicle to transport self and/or individuals as necessary.

* CQL POMs© certified reliable trainer designation.

Required Experience

Bachelor's degree in human services or related field (ie, psychology, social work, sociology) and three (3) years' experience working with/in a program that supports people with intellectual or developmental disabilities, mental health issues or substance abuse issues. At least 2 years supervisory experience. Must be certified by CQL as a POMs certified reliable trainer and must maintain this certification.