Facility Assistant 2018 - 2019

Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
Facility Assistants are responsible for a variety of duties involved in maintaining a comfortable environment and efficient operation of the University Student Commons. Facility Assistants prepare meeting rooms for use by setting up meeting furniture, and breaking down equipment. Facility Assistants make regular “tours” of the building, providing general building security and policy enforcement, performing light housekeeping, where needed, and assist with errands when time permits


Perform Quality Check of room and setup; Prepare meeting rooms for use by customers; Take initiative to assist customers with requested changes or additions to setups; Work independently or as part of a team, to perform room set-ups as required by daily setup schedule sheet; Install tables, chairs, coat racks, staging, and other equipment as indicated on setup sheets and diagrams; Lock rooms promptly and return rooms to standard order or prepare them for the next day after use by customers; Maintain meeting rooms, lobby, lounges, hallways, and other Commons areas in a clean and orderly fashion on an on-going basis; Provide general building security; Enforce all Commons policies throughout the building where applicable; Immediate report damages to facility, equipment or furniture; Pick up trash outside entrances and sidewalks; Assists with errands, such as deliveries, movement of furniture, etc. as directed by supervisor; Attend staff meetings; Dress in staff shirt and wear name tag while on duty; Complete other tasks as assigned.