Education Technology Classroom Support Technician

Virginia Commonwealth University Richmond, VA
This position aids in the day-to-day activities of the School of Medicine’s educational technology efforts, particularly audio/visual (AV) support in the highly complex McGlothlin Medical Education Center. AV support includes onsite equipment operation, equipment and classroom maintenance, faculty and staff consultation and training, and video and webconference support.

The main tasks of this position are to:

* provide excellent customer service

* provide setup and onsite operation of classroom technology systems to support instructors during class sessions

* provide on-call troubleshooting support for classroom AV and technology systems, including equipment such as video projectors and display systems; control interfaces; microphones and sound systems; video cameras; video, audio and webconferencing systems; audience response systems; lecture capture systems; digital audio and video recording systems; DVD/Blu-ray players; and document cameras

* provide set-up and operation of video and webconference equipment; provide coordination between local and far sites

* provide basic troubleshooting of classroom computers and student laptops

* perform hands-on preventive maintenance to ensure that classroom AV systems are working properly

* perform daily room checks to ensure that classroom equipment is stored securely and ready for use by the next class

* provide training when requested so that faculty, staff and students are familiar and comfortable with educational technology equipment and systems

* create enduring training materials for web and electronic distribution

* create and maintain inventory lists of educational technology equipment

* provide referrals to other university resources

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