Case Management Supervisor
Grafton Integrated Health Network
 Richmond, VA


Manages the admissions process from initial referral, placement, and discharge in an efficient and client centered manner. Participates in the utilization review process designed to ensure that individuals receive appropriate services that meet standards of practice within the field, and supports them in achieving desired outcomes. Establishes procedures for building effective relationships with families and agencies. Ensures that Grafton's beliefs and vision guide the provision of services. Advocates for Grafton's mission and vision with staff as well as external constituencies. Reports to Executive Director.



  • Establish customer relationships to:
  • Assess needs for future services development
  • Promote positive collaborations when problem solving is needed
  • Cultivate referrals
  • Participates in admissions reviews and is involved in decisions regarding appropriateness of dorm placement and case management assignments.
  • Maintains MDT calendar for the Richmond campus
  • Audits client's record to ensure all required documentation is maintained and supports case manager in soliciting missing documentation.
  • Supervises case manager located in region:
  • Hires qualified staff who embrace Grafton's mission, vision and beliefs
  • Coaches to ensure timely response to customers, both internal and external.
  • Provides training in job expectations
  • Facilitates staff development plans
  • Conducts regular performance reviews
  • Ensures collaborative working relationships
  • Applies disciplinary procedures as needed
  • Sets standards and expectations for case management paperwork quality, timelines etc. that meet program guidelines.
  • Monitors Stakeholders complaints to ensure timely response is provided by Case managers.
  • Monitors pends, authorizations, and denials to ensure compliance with Medicaid regulations.
  • Audits Comprehensive Plan of Care to ensure that the treatment plan has necessary components and that program standards are maintained and client progress is appropriately documented.
  • Serves on-call for case management issues and/or concerns.
  • Develops standard procedures for managing transition and discharge, ensuring that individual needs are met as well as applicable licensing regulations
  • Participates on the Operations Team, contributing to team goals that support the region in meeting the Board identified key performance indicators.
  • Performs other duties as assigned


Masters Degree in social work or human services field; 5 years case management experience with a minimum of 3 years in a management role, preferably in a residential setting . Valid drivers license necessary.

Special Requirements: Knowledge of Medicaid regulations