Weekend HVAC Mechanic

Jones Lange Lasalle Inc. Redwood City, CA
JLL is seeking a Weekend HVAC Technician to join our team! This position will be in Redwood City.


This position has a strong focus on maintaining, troubleshooting and repairing facility equipment on all systems. A very high percentage of "wrench time" is expected. Individuals are expected to demonstrate technical expertise in HVAC maintenance & troubleshooting and be multi-skilled in other areas (Building Automation Systems, pipe fitting/plumbing, electrical, Refrigeration, Boiler Operation) in order to successfully complete daily/weekly work assignments.

The individual in this role must be available for Call-in work and perform other duties as required. This position will also have responsibilities at multiple buildings and sites, and will have the need to travel between those sites. Some overtime is to be expected.


* Ensures that all appropriate R&M data (i.e. material costs, contract labor costs, Jones Lang LaSalle effort, etc.) is captured on a work order

* Review and analyzing system data (reliability, 1 calls, etc) and developing initial recommendation with Chief Engineer and Change Control Manager on any maintenance changes, upgrades, replacements, etc.

* Cross train back up, or others, as appropriate to the advanced level

* Maintain up to date & complete system documentation in a central resource location, for all repairs or changes to the system

* Monitor the operation and make adjustments on refrigeration, heat exchanger, HVAC, electrical, emergency backup systems and hot water systems; monitors operation, adjusts, and maintains refrigeration, chilled water, and air conditioning equipment; boilers, and ventilating and hot water heaters; pumps, valves, piping and filters; other mechanical and electrical equipment; record readings and make adjustments where necessary to assure proper operation of equipment. Requires the ability to analyze the operation of various systems, determine the cause of any problems/malfunctions and take corrective action as required.

* Performs preventive maintenance on all base building and critical system equipment which includes but not limited to: assembling all tools, supplies and instruments necessary to complete the job, performing work with a minimum amount disruption, conducting immediate clean up of work area, completing the preventive task sheet, returning tools to workshop, and unused supplies to store room, reporting any equipment problems, impending supply or material shortages to the Chief Engineer.

* Install and repairs plumbing/piping/tubing; wire single and three phase motors (under the direction of the Site Electrician); run conduit; pull wiring to machinery, motors, operating parts, etc.; install and rebuild pumps and motors; install and rebuild air compressors; heat exchangers; replace bearings in all types of motors; replace seals on pumps; install and repair piping, valves, filters, hot water systems and associated controls; assist other mechanics and operators with major repairs and maintenance of building and equipment. Installs, repairs, and maintains electrical controls, switching and motor controls.

* Maintains tools and orders supplies as required for installation and repairs

* Complies with departmental policy for the safe storage, usage and disposal of hazardous materials

* Maintains a clean and safe workspace


* High school diploma or state equivalent required

* Two years of related trade schooling or equivalent

* Minimum 4 years of experience working with mechanical systems


* Requested: EPA Universal Refrigeration license


* Familiar with Temperature calibration

* Knowledge of OSHA standards and local codes

* Team player, hard worker, good interpersonal skills, ability to communicate well in both oral and written reports

* Good verbal and written communications skills are required

* Familiar with computer equipment and programs

* Capable of operating BMS workorder system

* Completion of written documentation is required, such as work orders, permits and safe work documentation.


* Skilled and physically able to operate electric hand tools, work on a ladder, carry tools, lift and carry heavy loads, operate required equipment, and operate a motor vehicle

* Able to work in close places such as closets, crawl spaces, attics, vaults, etc.

* Able to work on roofs of buildings


* Subject to call 24 hours per day and required to work in all weather conditions

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