Electrical Engineer

Mayfield Robotics Redwood City, CA
At Mayfield Robotics, we make home robots that are joyful, useful,and inspiring. We move fast, we like and respect each other, andwe have some very big ambitions.

We're three years old, and we've got some secure footing &direction, but we've also managed to maintain what we love aboutstartup culture: independence, speed, transparency, teamwork, anda well-stocked kitchen. We also have a sharp and singular focus onshipping amazing robots: we're owned by a (much) larger companythat provides the resources and independence we all need, so wecan focus on doing incredible work.


This job focuses on solving electrical problems at all levels, fromdrawing a block diagram on a white board to diagnosing misbehaviorwith an oscilloscope. You'll be just as likely to solder together atestbed as design high-level architecture, so a wide range of skillsand a love of getting your hands dirty are essential. When we don'thave the bandwidth to do a design in-house, you'll also wranglesubcontractors on electrical designs. Electromechanical systems offersome unique challenges, so you should have experience with and enjoyworking on things that interact with the physical world. There's noway to predict what you might be working on tomorrow, so above all,flexibility and a love of learning new skills are an absolutemust-have to thrive in this role!


* Design circuitry for an electromechanical system

* Specify parts (integrated circuits, sensors, and support electronics)

* Monitor and characterize signal-level communications between sensors, microcontrollers, and ARM processors

* Develop power management solutions for charging batteries and distributing energy to diverse loads

* Contribute to firmware for sensor interfaces and DC motor controllers

* Toughen products against harmful effects of ESD and EMI

* Test and troubleshoot malfunctioning electronics

* Coordinate with subcontractors to specify architecture

* Review complex designs for accuracy


* 3+ years experience following electronics designs through production (schematic capture, PCB layout, test fixture design, etc.)

* Experience with hands-on debugging using logic analyzers, oscilloscopes, etc.

* Experience with electromechanical systems and DC motors in particular

* Experience with battery-powered systems

* Experience with ESD and EMI considerations

Nice to Have

* Experience writing software in C/C++ and Python

* Experience coordinating external contractors

* Experience with acceptance and regulatory compliance testing

* Experience with manufacturability concerns and cost reduction (consumer products especially)

* Dangerous hobbies a plus

How to Apply

Send a resume to jobs+ee@mayfieldrobotics.com.