IT - Fiber and Broadband Field Engineering Technician

Lumbee River Electric Membership Corporation Red Springs, NC
Primary Role and Responsibilities:

As project manager, the IT Fiber and Broadband Field Engineering Technician acts as a point of contact for the coordination and construction of backbone, distribution, drops and fiber other optic projects, from project start to completion. Responsibilities include field inspection of the site, secure right of way, stake designs, prepare staking sheets, material sheets for work orders of the requested service to the best benefit of the consumer and the Cooperative, ensure equipment is ordered and delivered timely, mapping program of choice updates, attend meetings and maintain regular communications, all in accordance with established subsidiary/Cooperative guidelines.

Essential duties:

* Designs customer extensions for fiber optic plant resulting in minimal customer inconvenience providing prompt, efficient and reliable service to include: stake lines, poles, wire, determine rate, secure, negotiate and verify right-of-way easements, ensure right-of-way is clear, explain plans and rates to customers to obtain acceptance.

* Locate customers underground facilities for crews by drawing sketches and calling in locates, post extensions and changes to maps before construction, draw up work orders, maintain log of all stake extensions, estimate costs, design layouts of underground and overhead lines, inspect completed extensions, and set up construction maps.

* Utilizes mapping applications, to include but not limited to, Futura and CresentLink and execute any functions associated with automated mapping and staking to assist in the coordination and construction of major projects to include: stake line conversion jobs, draw up work orders, maintain a log of maintenance, inventory, and system improvement conversions in the two-year work plan.

* Uses iVUE for posting map comments, create picking lists, apply aid to construction (ATC) by creating invoices, attach staking sheets in the ABS vault, and maintain units and other notes.

* Possess an understanding of Geometric-network creation/maintenance.

* Familiarity with Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CAD).

* Access the internet to navigate the counties web sites to determine land ownership and resolve Right-of-Way (R/W) disputes.

* Request and coordinate the joint use of overhead and underground projects with other utilities, to include LREMC, as appropriate for fiber jobs

* Prepare Communication, Electrical, Railroad, Natural Gas, Transmission and D.O.T. encroachments.

* Prepare fiber pole attachment requests, submit post attachment notifications of attachments, and help resolve attachment conflicts.

* Work with the NCDOT on relocation of backbone, distribution, drops and fiber optic facilities.

* Assist in preparing engineering and operations documents that impact the fiber Construction Work Plan, Environmental Reports, Operations and Maintenance Surveys in support of fiber optic operations.

* Coordinate with the Finance department on materials to accurately report the number of units utilized for jobs and projects as well as invoice aid to construction charges and monitor payments for large projects.

* Prepare cost estimates of the service to the customers in accordance with LREMC Technologies Service Rules and Regulations, contractor's labor cost, and direct material cost. Calculates applicable line extension cost to the consumer and advises of the cost for the approval to proceed with the installation.

* In the planning stage of a work order: establish and maintain communication with customers and adjoining property owners to ensure a full understanding of how property affected in the construction and/or maintenance of fiber; obtain necessary permits and easements.

* Perform geo codes, call in locates, pole change out and pole clearance tasks.

* Communicate with other utility companies to ensure all construction proceeds smoothly and conduct field inspection of the site after construction is complete to ensure the design and construction is complete in accordance with appropriate code.

* Meet with customer to determine efficient avenue to add new service or make changes to existing service.

* Prepare necessary documentation and submit to the highway departments and telephone companies when line locations are proposed.

* Review and process service order requests as required.

* Perform field inspections of the safety violations and maintenance defects throughout the fiber

* Attend technical conferences and/or complete other studies to maintain and improve technical experience.

* Assist with scheduling of the IT Fiber staff, to ensure construction jobs are completed in a timely manner.

* Assist other sections and departments by providing necessary information to meet the Cooperative's objectives.

* Perform as a guide or "bird dog" in being able to lead contract crews from other business' perspective in restoration of services during major storms to include riding the line checking for damage, delivering materials, providing assembly unit sheets for unfamiliar build assemblies.

* Perform other tasks as directed.

Education / Experience / Competencies / Qualifications:

* High School or equivalent

* Associate Degree in Engineering or related discipline preferred

* Additional courses or training in drafting, surveying, and basic electricity desirable

* Five years' experience with telecommunications, rural electric cooperative or utility in a related engineering or operations position preferred.

* Preferred experience in telecommunications overhead and underground construction standards.

* Computer experience and working knowledge of a variety of computer software and applications required.

* Must have experience and proficiency with Microsoft office software, specifically Word for composing letters and Excel for tracking Construction Work Plan status.

* Familiarity with system geography and rules relating to territorial assignments preferred.

* Must have or be able to obtain knowledge of all counties (in service area) GIS and Register of Deeds online sites and be able to navigate within 6 months.

* Must have or be able to obtain knowledge of telecommunications, railroad, North Carolina Natural Gas and DOT encroachments and requirements within 6 months.

* Must have or be able to obtain knowledge of automated mapping and field data collection devices within 3 months.

* Must have the ability to read blueprints provided by electrical cooperative, a site plan and/or DOT plans.

* Must have or be able to gain knowledge of legal requirements for valid right of way easement under North Carolina law and recording process in Clerk of Court's office within 6 months.

* Basic knowledge of fiber optic cable required within 4 months.

* Must have the ability to work independently and without supervision.

* Must be able to organize work to meet deadlines.

* Must have ability to communicate skillfully orally and in writing with customers and public in acquiring right-of-way easements and related activities. Legible handwriting required.

* Must be familiar with drawing and sketching programs/software.

* Must be certified as a Notary Public in North Carolina or become certified as a Notary Public in North Carolina within a year.

* A valid driver's license is required.

* Must be able to effectively direct LREMC Technology and contract crews.

* Must be capable of meeting cooperative goals through the implementation of short and long term work plans.

* Must have the ability to work with irate customers occasionally.

Working Conditions / Physical & Emotional Demands:

* The activities of this position require frequent standing, walking for distances, stooping, reaching and grasping depending on the task being accomplished.

* Position also requires kneeling, twisting and crawling.

* Must possess visual acuity and physical dexterity and efficient coordination are required for the operation of machinery involved with the duties of the position.

* The position may require lifting/carrying and pushing/pulling weights not to exceed 20lbs.

* Must possess the ability to listen and communicate orally.

* The duties of the position are primarily performed outdoors, occasionally in adverse weather conditions for extended periods of time.

* On an average day, the employee will be sitting 40% of the time, walking 50% of the time and standing 10% of the time.

* There will be continuous need for meeting deadlines in this position.

* Occasionally there may be irate customers and may have to take complaints from both internal and external customers.

* The individual is expected to work extended and/or irregular hours if necessary as assigned.

* The responsibilities, duties, tasks, and reporting relationships may change from time to time either temporarily or ongoing based on the needs of the employer. Such changes may be made by the employer in oral or written form.

* The responsibilities and duties specified in this job description and the information contained in the accompanying position specifications are intended to generally reflect the nature of the position and are not intended to be all-inclusive.

* The individual is expected to work extended and/or irregular hours if necessary as assigned.

* The position description does not constitute a written or implied contract of employment.

Note: Individual must possess and maintain the mental and physical competencies necessary to perform the duties of the position.

All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, national origin, disability or veteran status.

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