Construction Laborer

Sletten Companies
 Rawlins, WY

Perform tasks involving physical labor at construction sites. May operate hand and power tools. May clean and prepare sites, dig trenches, set braces to support the sides of excavations, erect scaffolding, and clean up rubble, debris and waste. May assist other craft workers. Job site is in Saratoga, WY.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  1. Must work quickly, productively and safely without error and consistently meet the production goals as set by the Foreman, Superintendent or Project Manager.
  2. Must consistently produce quality workmanship as judged by Company standards.
  3. Must comply with all company safety and personnel policies.
  4. Must be able to occasionally lift and carry 80 lbs.
  5. Must be able to climb, bend, stoop, kneel, lift overhead, work at heights, walk/work in rough terrain in order to access equipment, tools, materials, and jobsite in order to complete work.