USFS Outdoor Recreation Intern

MobilizeGreen Ramona, CA
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In partnership with Region 5 of the US Forest Service, MobilizeGreen is seeking an Outdoor Recreation Resource Assistant Intern for the Cleveland National Forest. The intern will be located on the Palomar Ranger District, Ramona, CA, and will report to the Palomar Recreation and Lands Officer. Work on the district involves all aspects of recreation administration and maintenance. The intern will support the unit's recreation program, educate the public, check permit compliance, perform general maintenance on developed recreation sites and trails, and gather data for recreational use.

Term: Full-time (40 hours per week) for 26 weeks, starting mid-May 2018.


* $500/wk living stipend

* 2-year non-competitive hiring certificate (upon successful completion of at least 960 hours)

* Hands-on training and experience

Duties & Responsibilities:

* Assist in the development of plans for recreation area maintenance, rehabilitation, reconstruction, and construction projects in accordance with program management objectives and policies.

* Assist in the implementation of recreation operation and maintenance plans for developed and dispersed recreation sites.

* Serve as the point of contact for recreationists at trailheads and at all points on the district.

* Inspect recreation areas, areas of concentrated public use, and access permits for compliance, and maintenance needs.

* Patrol management unit to collect use data, identify or correct unsafe conditions, answer visitor inquiries, prevent vandalism and other anti-social behavior, gather current information on recreation opportunities, and prevent theft of Forest resources and their destruction resulting from carelessness with fire.

* Maintain developed sites e.g., roadside and/or backcountry dispersed sites. Make repairs, remove or replace facilities, or close areas of facilities when hazards cannot be promptly eliminated.

* Maintain District recreation facilities such as toilets, road closure gates, water systems, picnic tables, fire rings, barriers, dumpsters and other miscellaneous structures.

* Assist permanent recreation staff on assorted projects throughout district.


* Must be comfortable with extensive public interaction.

* Ability to perform moderate physical tasks in a hot, dry climate.

* Potential for encounters with stinging/biting insects, venomous snakes, other hazardous wildlife and conditions.

* Must be comfortable working outdoors and getting dirty.

Other requirements:

* S. Citizen

* Valid Driver's License

* Background check

To apply, please submit:

* Resume

* Statement of interest for position and why you would be a good fit

* 3 professional references