Referral Coordinator I (Raleigh, NC, US, 27607)

Duke University
 Raleigh, NC

Duke Primary Care is the largest primary care network in the greater Triangle area with family medicine and internal medicine providers, and pediatricians in 34 locations throughout the Triangle.

Referral Coordinator I


Job Code: 4616

Pay Target: B2

General Description of the Job Class

The Duke Primary Care (DPC) Referral Coordinator provides a comprehensive scheduling experience to meet the various needs of patients and referring providers within a Duke Primary Care clinic or centralized engagement center. The DPC Referral Coordinator performs various appointment and access-related duties for Duke Primary Care clinic(s) to including scheduling appointments from a referral, following up on referrals faxed externally, and closing the loop on all reconcilable referrals placed. The DPC Referral Coordinator remains current on providers, service locations, and insurance payers, while providing the highest levels of service excellence to each patient.

Duties and Responsibilities

Elements that contribute to the unique characteristics of the position include:

  • Referral Coordinator I - autonomous problem-solving and decision-making as it relates to referrals, patient appointment and scheduling support, and other duties as assigned by clinic leadership.

Referral Duties

  • Provide accurate information to patients regarding various services, providers, and locations available within the Duke University Health System and the surrounding community.
  • Actively identify, listen, and understand the needs of each patient. Ask thoughtful questions to determine the appropriate resources or actions to be taken.
  • Professionally communicate both verbally and in writing with patients, providers, internal specialty departments, and clinics in the surrounding community.
  • Provide referral and radiology support within designated pod as assigned for PTO coverage.
  • Monitor voicemail of assigned clinic(s).
  • Assist in scheduling for more than 30 specialty departments.
  • Provide referral and radiology coverage to other DPC clinics as needed.
  • Utilize 31 different decision trees to schedule patients within the Duke University Health System.
  • Utilize referral standard work documents and resources and performs work within established standards at all times.
  • Make judgements guided by standard work on how to prioritize patients and complete tasks.

Additional Responsibilities for Referral Coordinator II:

  • Obtain authorizations and assist in covering 7 authorization work queues.
  • Handle 2-4 clinic assignments daily including referral and radiology work queues and authorizations for each assigned clinic.

Patient Scheduling

  • Identify patients using 2 identifiers in accordance with compliance guidelines.
  • Schedule appointment from the referral using scheduling guidelines and questionnaires in order to determine the appropriate provider, location, and visit type.
  • Maintain knowledge and resources to schedule patients outside of Duke as appropriate.
  • Ability to answer questions from patients and ordering providers on where to send referrals for quickest access, closest geographic location, as well as specific insurance requirements.
  • Provide patient with appropriate directions and pre-visit appointment information.
  • Identify and document special needs; schedule interpreters as needed.
  • Review assigned work queues and prioritize by emergency, urgent, and routine referrals ensuring all referrals are worked within 48 hours.
  • Use all available resources to contact the patient, including phone numbers and MyChart, while following compliance guidelines.

Improvement Initiatives

  • Maintain liasion with other offices and departments to coordinate referrals, foster collaboration, leverage resources, and help to accomplish program objectives.
  • Contribute to program effectiveness by communicating trends and recommending modifications to current workflows.
  • Proactively communicate issues to Referral Manager as it relates to access and decision trees.
  • Actively participate in DPC continuous improvement processes and practice level improvement projects.
  • Additional Responsibilities for Referral Coordinator II:
  • Complete time studies to conduct premliminary analysis of trends as assigned by Referral Manager
  • Actively participate and engage in network level process improvement projects.


  • Exceed patient experience expectations.
  • Meet or exceed daily productivity goals as set forth by department.
  • Demonstrate Duke's values and behaviors in every interaction.
  • Consistently use “Words that Work“ and “RELATE“ in all daily interactions.
  • Comply with all regulatory and compliance policies and procedures.
  • Strong ability to handle complex workflows utilizing critical thinking skills.
  • Perform registration, front desk coverage, scanning and other related duties incidental to work the described herein as assigned by clinic leadership.

Additional Responsibilities for Referral Coordinator II:

Serve as trainer for all new DPC referral coordinators to include training on referral standard work and referral authorization process.

Preferred Qualifications

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Individuals successful in this job are: Organized and motivated by a fast-paced environment

Able to manage multiple tasks/projects simultaneously

Proficient in review and assess needs quickly

Strong use of computer software tools and data files

Comfortable with continuous change, is self-directed, and can take initiative

Patient-centered and compassionate

Distinguishing Characteristics of this Level

Additional job expectations include the ability to: Build effective and trusting relationships with patients and family members/caregivers, colleagues, providers, and leadership

Use active-listening skills when assessing patient requests, concerns, and needs

Demonstrate confidence, compassion, and attention to detail

Required Qualifications


A high school diploma or equivalency, is required.

College or completion of post-secondary education is strongly preferred.

Experience: Minimum of 1 year of health care related experience. An associate degree or higher may substitute for the experience requirement.

Accurate typing and data entry skills; excellent customer service and communication skills and knowledge of HIPAA requirements regarding patient confidentiality.

Degrees, Licensure, and/or Certification:


Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:


Distinguishing Characteristics of this Level



Job Level: B2

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