Procurement Specialist III
State of North Carolina
 Raleigh, NC

Description of Work

The North Carolina Department of Labor is charged by statute with promoting the health, safety and general well-being of the workers in the state. The laws and programs the Department administers affect every worker in the state. The Department is organized into three primary divisions which carry out the Department's principle regulatory, enforcement and promotional programs, and the administrative operations. The three primary divisions have divisions, bureaus and offices under each, which carry out the specific and specialized portions of the NCDOL mission. The Department employs approximately 385 employees.

The Financial Services Division of the Department of Labor provides financial related services to every Bureau and Division of the Department. The basic areas of expertise include (but is not limited to) budget, accounting, accounts payable, accounts receivable and collections, federal grants administration, limited payroll functions. In addition to the major areas, other Division responsibilities include the Department's procurement and the negotiation of office leases and other administrative duties. This Division is responsible for compiling and reporting to various groups (i.e. employees, employers, state and federal officials, legislators, general public, etc.) the fiscal operations of the agency in a complete and concise manner. This Division works with so many different groups, it is essential that open and accurate channels of communication exist, and the information is timely, accurate, and easily understood.

This position serves as the Purchasing Officer for the Department of Labor and is responsible for independently interpreting and applying complex procurement rules, laws and regulations (state and federal) in accordance with State Purchasing and Contract policies and procedures. The Purchasing Officer job responsibilities will include but is not limited to the procurement of goods and services for the entire agency as well as independently negotiate, educate and effectively resolve all procurement issues. The Purchasing Officer must be familiar with and know how to interpret and apply statutes, State Purchase & Contract requirements, State Information Technology Services requirements, and NC General Statutes and Administrative Codes. The Purchasing Officer will assist in solving complex E-Procurement processing problems and answering purchasing related questions.

Job responsibilities include but not limited to the following:

Procurement of Goods & Services: This position serves as the 'Purchasing Officer' for the Department of Labor and has the responsibility for all the procurement functions for the entire agency. The primary purpose of the Purchasing Officer is to procure all goods and services for the entire Department of Labor as well as negotiate, educate and effectively resolve all procurement issues. Work processes vary significantly due to the diversity of statutes, rules, and regulations, which apply to the various commodities. The Purchasing Officer must be familiar with and know how to interpret and apply statutes, State Purchase & Contract requirements, State Information Technology Services requirements, and NC General Statutes and Administrative Codes. The Purchasing Officer must advise Bureau/Division Chiefs, managers and end users of statutes, rules, regulations, and department policy governing the procurement process to ensure that agency procurement is done within established procedure. The Purchasing Officer is responsible for procuring a wide variety of specialized equipment that requires developing specifications and justifications that includes performing research on new purchases and helping staff to understand the appropriate rules and regulations.

The Purchasing Officer has full authority to access all requisitions submitted by bureaus and divisions in the E-Procurement system and process purchase orders of term contract commodities up to the Department's contract threshold. The Purchasing Officer must access state term-contracts via State Purchase & Contract, State Information Technology Services, and E-Procurement websites as well as researching vendor web sites, catalogs and brochures to evaluate state term contracts and IT convenience contracts for value, quality, cost, and vendor identification. For non-term contract orders which exceed departmental limits set by the State Purchase & Contract, the Purchasing Officer is authorized to obtain electronic quotes from various sources and award the order to the appropriate vendor. The Purchasing Officer is responsible for processing all IT bulk orders for the purchase of departmental computers and printers.

The Purchasing Officer provides interpretations and recommendations relative to standards and best practices by overseeing the development, approval and management of agency contracts, RFAs, RFIs, IFBs, RFQs and RFPs. Responsible for developing contract performance indicators, measurement tools and evaluation strategies that will ensure efficient and effective performance-based contracts by establishing guidelines, set standards, quality control measures that will monitor and evaluate the contract performance delivery of quality services by measuring outcomes surrounding performance-based contracting.

Works with Division and Bureau Chiefs in compiling and organizing highly technical and specialized information received from program managers, manufacturers and end users to be used in specification development and vendor identification for contractual services, for both technical or specialty goods, as well as standard goods and services. The development of specifications for bids, proposals and quotes is necessary to select the best products and vendors.

Create highly specialized and technical solicitation documents, including: invitations for bids (IFBs); requests for proposals (RFPs) and quote documents in compliance with applicable federal and state statutes; procurement codes and regulations; and internal agency procedures and disseminate those documents to potential vendors and contractors via appropriate methods. Post all bid and proposal documents on the IPS web site.

Receives and opens the bids and proposals from potential vendors and contractors. Evaluate received bids and proposals and eliminate from consideration those that do not meet the specifications and requirements of the solicitation documents. Evaluate valid bids and proposals and assist with the selection process by advising program managers and end users of the merits and detriments of each valid proposal. Present evaluations and selections to DOA: Purchase and Contract and/or State Information Technology Services for their review and approval, as required by State statute or regulation.

Review requisitions entered by agency requisitioners to ensure that appropriate procurement procedure has been followed, and that all required information has been included on the E-Procurement requisition. Determine the correct and appropriate use of state term-contracts, quotes, or formal bids, based on the nature of the goods or services to be purchased and dollar amounts as authorized by state law. Forward requisitions to State Purchase and Contract or to State Information Technology Services when such requisitions exceed the Department's purchase delegation; when abnormal quantities are being requisitioned; or when approval by these agencies is required for other reasons, such as for consultant services. Edit requisitions submitted by agency requisitioners when necessary to add or change elements required by policies and regulations, or to improve order retrieval and reporting capability of the E-Procurement System and NCAS. Approve these requisitions which in turn creates Departmental purchase orders.

The Purchasing Officer assists other Division and Bureau Chiefs as they develop annual projections of office and business needs (space allocation, leases, renovations and telecommunication need of the Division/Bureau). All leases and janitorial service contracts for regional and satellite office(s) across the State are the direct responsibility of the Purchasing Officer. The Purchasing Officer coordinates with the Division/Bureau and the State Property Office by assuring new, renegotiated or advertised leases are secured in a manner to insure no disruptions of local office activities. Janitorial service contracts for support services are negotiated when not provided as part of the lease contract. In cooperation with the State Division of Property, the Division/Bureau must lease or otherwise secure and maintain office space that is suitable for the staff. The Purchasing Officer with all State government levels, lessors, architects, and local inspectors to develop offices which meet ADA, State Property Office and NCDOL size and design requirements. The Purchasing Officer must be aware of budget constraints and assure the Department's objectives and goals are achieved in by accessible, functional, and economical means.

On occasion, this position will be required to travel with possible overnight stays when the distance is too long to travel in one business day in order to conduct formal advertised procurement proceedings, conduct site visits/pre-bid conference, public bid openings, and/or performance meetings.

The Purchasing Officer also serves as the P-Card Administrator and reviews p-card purchases that exceed the maximum limit on agency P-cards; and will also audit P-Card purchases.

Supervision and Leadership: This position will supervise one Procurement Specialist and must ensure this position's work is in compliance with state procurement rules and regulations. This position is responsible for the following administrative functions in supervising staff such as planning; organizing and directing work; and review of work.

Planning: This position is directly involved in recruitment, selection and salary recommendation(s) of supervised employees, orientation as well as initial and on-going training, establishing work plans and provide counseling and taking disciplinary action when necessary. In addition, the position is expected to develop performance plans and goals for the Procurement Specialist that meet the overall job duties and responsibilities in a timely manner while ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the data being submitted.

Organizing and Directing Work: Independently develop and adjust job assignments, work schedules, and / or workflow to ensure supervised staff are responding to the changing needs of the Department. This position must encourage staff to participate on committees within and outside the Department that would benefit the individual and/or the Department. Ensure by daily observation and feedback from others that the staff are complying with overall goals and objectives of the Financial Services Division as well as the Department.

Review: This position regularly monitors work to ensure all necessary procurement procedures, the use of E-Procurement and record keeping are complying with state procurement rules and regulations and the work is completed accurately and in a timely manner. Performing development plan, midyear and annual performance (NCVIP) reviews.

Technical Support, Training and Special Projects: Complete special projects, assignments, and other duties as assigned by the Manager or Director of the Financial Services Division. The Purchasing Officer provides procurement guidance and policy to others in researching agency specific information and/or financial related issues as well as coordinating the response with NCDOL internal and external staff. Must maintain a professional level of interaction with others and demonstrate a willingness to help. As a representative of the Financial Services Division, the Purchasing Officer must display professional courtesy and respect to all individuals they encounter. Demonstration of a high level of verbal and written communication with internal and external customers is also necessary. The Purchasing Officer is responsible for providing procurement training information; and these classes are for NCDOL requisitioners and approvers. The Purchasing Officer also communicates any new developments or changes in the E-Procurement process to the various individuals, to ensure purchase orders are processed accurately and in a timely manner. The Purchasing Officer may be assigned to handle various priority requests with differing frequencies from the Department, Fiscal Research, Legislators, etc. Performs necessary research of agency specific fiscal information and coordinates response for internal and external requests by providing data analysis, reports, reconciliations, emails, project coordination, calendaring or other documentation.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities / Competencies

Demonstrated knowledge of the economics and methods of public purchasing, as well as public purchasing methods and procedures and contract administration: technical knowledge of the grades, types and qualities of materials being purchased, and knowledge of the sources of supplies and suppliers of commodities.

Demonstrated ability to apply and interpret complex NC State government purchasing statutes, regulations and rules

Demonstrated ability to organize complex technical or legal information into solicitations

Demonstrated experience with the North Carolina Accounting System (NCAS) and the E-Procurement System

Demonstrated experience with North Carolina State government procurement practices.

Demonstrated knowledge of North Carolina state government accounting and budgetary acceptable accounting practices

Demonstrated knowledge of modern office practices, procedures and equipment.

Demonstrated ability to apply and interpret established NC State government procurement rules and regulations.

Demonstrated ability to maintain records of some complexity and to compile tabulations and reports from such records.

Demonstrated ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with departmental personnel, personnel from other agencies, and vendors.

Management prefers 5+ years of direct experience involving participation in procurement and contracts of a state government agency serving as a purchasing agent or equivalent position.

Minimum Education and Experience Requirements

Bachelor s degree from an appropriately accredited institution, three years of procurement experience; or equivalent combination of education and experience. Prefer professional certification from ISM, NIGP, or NACM. Necessary Special Qualifications Completion of the North Carolina Procurement Manual Training Program and North Carolina Contract training program within one year of hire into position.

A valid driver's license is required.

Supplemental and Contact Information

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The State of North Carolina is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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