PT Adjunct Instructor - Pre-Athletic Training Pool
Shaw University
 Raleigh, NC

Requisition Number: PTADJ01358

Reporting to the Department Head of Health, Human and Life Sciences, the Adjunct Instructor of Pre-Athletic

Training is a part-time position that teaches traditional and/or non-traditional college-level students, at on-campus

and/or off-campus sites on weekdays and/or weeknights and Saturdays. Work is contingent upon enrollment

needs on a per semester basis. In addition to teaching, part-time faculty must provide student assistance and

advice in their subject area and may be required to participate in student orientation sessions.

Essential Job Functions:

  • Demonstrates acceptance and support of the mission and goals of the University.
  • Actively engages in planning, developing and improving curriculum offerings.
  • Directs instructional activities that encourage students to improve critical thinking and problem-solving
    skills, to increase motivation, to enhance a positive self-image, and to clarify their values.
  • On the first day of class, provides each student a copy of a course syllabus that conforms to University approved requirements.
  • Teaches the course in accordance with the course syllabus.
  • Informs students of the course objectives and requirements, explains the grading system and attendance
    policy, discusses academic integrity, and provides a bibliography of suggested readings.
  • Holds classes as scheduled, including those immediately preceding and following holidays observed by
    the University.
  • Obtains pre-approval from the applicable Department head or Dean prior to rescheduling or cancelling a
  • Promptly notifies the applicable Department head or Dean when unable to hold class on account of
    illness, attendance at conferences, and emergencies, and indicates the arrangements made for
    instruction of students during that absence. Promptly completes and submits faculty absentee form (see
    Faculty Handbook).
  • Provide sample opportunities for students to discuss, demonstrate, present and explain to others
    ideas, information, processes and techniques relevant to the subject matter.
  • Utilizes a variety of teaching strategies, including appropriate instructional technology.
  • Encourages students to use relevant available resources to enhance the opportunity to become well educated scholars.
  • Properly prepares for each class and conducts each class in a manner that will require students to master
    learning objectives at the upper end of Bloom's taxonomy (analysis, synthesis, evaluation).
  • Presents teaching materials in an understandable and effective manner.
  • Uses related testing measurements that accurately reflect the stated course objectives.
  • Returns students' papers within a reasonable time period, not to exceed ten working days from the date
    of the assignment or exam.
  • Equitably administers academic policies the same for athletes as for other students.
  • As applicable to the graduate program, ensures that coursework:
    • Requires students to analyze, explore, question, reconsider, and synthesize old and new knowledge
      and skills.
    • Relates to currently accepted practices within the discipline.
    • Requires students to engage in research and to confront the diversity of views in the field of study.
  • Engages in professional classroom behavior that promotes maximum learning.
  • Ensures that University policies concerning classroom behavior and etiquette are adhered to, such as
    prohibiting classroom disruption, profanity, eating, smoking, drinking, illegal drugs, and littering.
  • For students who engage in disruptive behavior, counsels students outside of class. Should disruptive
    behavior continue, promptly reports inappropriate behavior to the Department head.
  • In the event of a threatening classroom situation, contacts appropriate emergency responders.
  • If at a CAPE site, contacts the local Security Officer and/or dial 911 as applicable.
  • Upholds academic integrity.
  • Identifies classroom safety hazards and initiates corrective action, including ensuring applicable Material
    Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are locally posted for any and all chemical-containing substances accessible
    by students in the classroom.
  • Maintains accurate and up-to-date student records pertaining to attendance, assignments and grades.
  • Takes class attendance each time a class meets; maintains accurate attendance records on each
  • Promptly furnishes related information upon request by the Department head or the administration to
    meet required deadlines.
  • Files enrollment reports as requested.
  • Submits final grades for a course, by way of the web, within 48 hours of the date of the final exam.
  • Files final evaluation reports within 48 hours after the administration of the final examination to the Office
    of Records and Registration.
  • Submits end of semester course notebooks for each class taught, to the Department head by the end of semester deadline (as per the current End of Semester Course Notebook Checklist Form), including:
    • Semester and year
    • Course name and section
    • Course syllabus
    • Attendance spreadsheet
    • Pre/post test copy
    • Pre/post test analysis
    • Midterm and final grade sheets (system printout)
    • Grade book
    • Student work products with rubric
    • Final project/research paper/exam
    • Faculty narrative
  • Under established guidelines, submits an analysis of student learning outcomes, to the Program
    Coordinator, for each course taught.
  • Submits proposed undergraduate curricular changes to the Department head.
  • Submits textbook orders by applicable deadlines, if required by Department head.
  • Completes the required check-out process with the Department head at the end of the academic year.
  • Ensures all University-issued property, equipment and/or materials are returned on time and in good
  • Obtains pre-approval from the Department head, prior to inviting a guest speaker/lecturer to address a
    class or make a presentation.
  • Promptly reports any emergency situation to the academic Department head and, as applicable, the
    CAPE Site Coordinator.
  • Maintains effective collegial communication, professional interaction, and functional relations
    within the assigned main-campus academic department, college and/or the applicable CAPE site.
  • Maintains up-to-date knowledge and compliance with all University policies and procedures.
  • Actively pursues scholarly activities and development: remains current in the applicable teaching
  • Other duties as assigned

Education and/or Experience:

  • Master's degree in Pre-Athletic Training from an accredited institution of higher learning or a related
  • Minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the teaching field.
  • Preferred:
    • Ph.D. in Pre-Athletic Training from an accredited institution of higher learning or a related discipline.
    • Demonstrated success teaching at the college level.
    • Recent experience in a higher education setting.
    • Candidates with teaching experience and expertise in an additional area also offered in the assigned
      department is highly desired.
    • Knowledge and experience in using instructional technology.

Other Competencies:

Must have a philosophy that is consistent with the Mission, Vision and Core Values of the organization. Vision,

commitment, and experience in achieving goals and pursuing excellence is critical. Strong oral and written

presentation skills. Ability to work well independently and as a member of a team. Excellence in organization,

decision-making, problem-solving and creating a collaborative environment. Ability to manage multiple projects

simultaneously. Must be able to read, write and speak fluently in English.

Physical Demands:

Ability to sit or stand for up to 8 hours/day. Some lifting (up to 25 pounds occasionally), bending, and carrying.

The employee is regularly required to talk and hear, and to use hands and fingers to handle or feel.