Not your average part-time gig!
 Raleigh, NC

Position Description

To keep it short and sweet - we have a small and awesome company...and we would like to find people to work for us that are fun to be around, and are people we can rely on.

The job: Swim Instructor

  • We provide training for anyone who fits the company culture : no previous experience is necessary (but do us a favor and please at least know how to doggie paddle!)
  • If you'd consider yourself the “goofy“ one out of your group of friends, you're perfect for this role
  • Add your personality to our swim curriculum as you teach back to back swim lessons in a 90 degree indoor pool!
  • The majority of our customers are little ones, so having a knack with children is a must
  • The not so fun stuff too: pool set up and clean-up, show up to work early, etc.


  • Ability to swim
  • This is a bit unorthodox, but here goes: We have spent a long time identifying a few words that embody our core values. Reason being - we want to work with people who are reliable, who are able to have fun at work but can also take the initiative to get stuff done, and who are able provide and receive feedback. So, while other attributes are important, we are committed to hiring people who share the same values. Our commitment to you: we'll surround you with the same type of people that - if I do my job right - you enjoy being around too. Therefore, if the following 4 words resonate with you, I want to hear from you:
  • Fresh
  • Assertive
  • Can-Do
  • Teachable


  • Employee outings
  • Paid time off
  • Bonuses


  • Please look up the Aqua-Tots location to determine how far away you live from the school. To be transparent (and not waste anyone's time), if the commute is anything over 25 minutes, it's too far.
  • Part-time position; hours and days vary and we are willing to work with you on availability
  • We are open on Saturdays (but closed Sunday!) it is a requirement to have Saturday availability.