Foster Care Caseworker
 Queens, NY
  • Manage a caseload of up to 10 active children and 2 suspended payment children.
  • Fulfill duty of Mandated Reporter, which entails reporting any suspected instances of child abuse or maltreatment.
  • Attend 20 days of training on the ChildSuccessNYC components and subsequently implement : Keeping Foster and Kinship Parents Supported and Trained (KEEP), Parenting through Change (PTC), Youth Development Skills Coaching (YDSC), R3 Communication strategy, and Family Finding.
  • Comply with the Solution Based Casework model and practices.
  • Establish contact with children, birth parents, and foster families within 48 hours of placement.
  • Conduct face-to-face and home casework contacts every month to assess child safety, provide support, and discuss progress towards permanency; additional contacts to be conducted as needed.
  • Gather, organize, document and maintain both electronic and paper records containing all casework activities for each child and parent within the mandated time frame.
  • Complete semi-annual reports regarding the status of the family’s action plan and progress towards permanency.
  • Conduct group facilitation with birth parents and foster parents.
  • Adhere to appropriate communication strategies when working with youth, birth parents, foster parents and stakeholders.
  • Work within the fidelity guidelines of the interventions while delivering the material in a manner that appeals to the needs of parents and youths.
  • Meet with Supervisor one-on-one on a consistent basis to discuss safety and permanency issues of caseload.
  • Prepare court reports and other legal documentation to provide updates regarding casework with families.
  • Testify in family court proceedings regarding the status of cases.
  • Make referrals for services for children and families both internally and externally.
  • Refer correctly and collaborate closely with assigned Youth Skill Coaches and monitor their interactions with youth.
  • Coordinate and participate regularly in conferences with families, children, and foster parents regarding safety, permanency and well-being.
  • Coordinate, supervise, and assess visits between parents/family resources and their children weekly using proper observation and coaching methods.
  • Be available to handle crises or emergencies, such as psychiatric hospitalizations, 24/7, whenever they occur.
  • Communicate effectively with NYC Children’s Services, medical and mental health centers, schools, consultants, other SCO programs, and all other relevant parties.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.

Education/Degree: Bachelor’s degree required for Family Foster Care, BSW or MSW preferred.

  • Commitment to the mission and programs of SCO Family of Services.
  • Continued employment contingent upon certification in Solution Based Casework and compliance with ChildSuccessNYC model.