Senior Investment Accounting Manager

Munich Re Princeton, NJ
We're adding to our diverse team of experts and are looking to hire those who are committed to building a culture that enables the creation of innovative solutions for our business units and clients.

The Company

As a member of Munich Re's US operations, we offer the financial strength and stability that comes with being part of the world's preeminent insurance and reinsurance brand. Our risk experts work together to assemble the right mix of products and services to help our clients stay competitive – from traditional reinsurance coverages, to niche and specialty reinsurance and insurance products.

The Opportunity

The Senior Investment Accounting Manager will be reporting directly to the Assistant Controller. This position is responsible for overseeing and managing the Investment Accounting department activities and its three staff members and also providing technical accounting expertise related to such critical areas as: (i) financial reporting activities, (ii) technical accounting and the researching of accounting guidance (iii) infrastructure investments, and (iv) special project work.

The position's responsibilities, as outlined below, require a knowledge and abilities in the following areas: ability to manage and direct staff, ability to communicate with third-party service provider, problem solving, management level communication, accounting research, development of accounting policies, financial analysis, understanding of tax related issues and guidance, investment accounting processes, financial analysis of loss reserves, special project work and the ability to support the Assistant Controller on technical accounting issues.

Major Accountabilities include:

* Manage the Investment Accounting department so that investment accounting data is delivered in a timely and accurate manner.

* Direct supervision of (3) investment accounting staff.

* Management of investment accounting processes (financial reports, footnotes, regulatory filings) in all three accounting bases as well as investment accounting related to the tax basis. This involves overseeing the third-party accounting service provider relationship.

* Oversee special projects related to investment area (e.g. investment subledger, IFRS and GAAP accounting changes, etc.).

* Review of all financial statements each quarter and at year-end. Review of other regulatory or management reports as determined by the Controller.

* Involved in reviewing the ILW as well as supporting Controller and Assistant Controller in the review of the Underwriting Results reports each quarter.

* Providing technical accounting guidance related to infrastructure investments.

* Financial analysis – including:

* Expanded use of TM1

* Collaborative project work with Corporate Reserving and FDM

* Participate in the quarterly DFM meetings, to help further expand financial reporting personnel's understanding of production activities and the related financial analysis.

* Prepare the Stat to IFRS and Stat to GAAP analysis schedules each quarter.

* Accounting research/guidance and the development and/or review of accounting policies.

* Tax department work – support ongoing Tax Department work in specific areas; so as to help in the oversight between financial reporting matters and difficult tax reporting areas.

* Special Project work, such as

* Review the entire Financial Reporting process – specifically, focusing on the timing and preparation of the financial statements in order to see where efficiencies or changes are warranted,

* Support the evolving financial analysis process,

* Support the Solvency II implementation and reporting,

* Support the Accounting Research and Compliance department, and

* Work with the Planning department to determine areas of synergy in supporting the analysis of financial reporting activities each quarter.

* Other projects as determined by the Controller.