Occupational Therapist Assistant 2

State of New York Potsdam, NY
Minimum Qualifications Transfer QualificationsAny permanent Occupational Therapy Assistant 2 OR

Any person eligible for 70.1 transfer.

Promotional Opportunities:Any person eligible for appointment from the civil service list

Provisional Appointment: In the event that there is not a valid eligible list, candidates who meet the qualifications may be qualified for a provisional appointment:

Note: If you are appointed provisionally, you must take the next scheduled Civil Service examination for this title and your score must be reachable on the resulting eligible list before you can be permanently appointed. If you do not pass the examination or achieve a reachable score, you may not be retained.

Minimum Qualifications: You must be certified and currently registered to practice as an Occupational Therapy Assistant in New York State, and you must have had two years of post-certification occupational therapy experience.


* Provide Occupational Therapy Services under supervision of and in partnership with Occupational Therapist.

* Participate in team meetings.

* Contribute to the evaluation process by implementing delegated assessments and by providing verbal and written reports of observations and individual capacities.

* Responsible for being knowledgeable about evaluation results, goals and for providing input into intervention plan based on needs and priorities.

* Assist with individual adaptive equipment needs.

* Comply with Sunmount operational policies and procedures.

* Participate on Therapeutic Feeding Team

* Provide face to face training to Direct Support professionals in areas related to OT (dining, ADL's adaptive equipment).

* Other duties as assigned.

Additional Comments Please note:

* For CSEA positions: Local Bidding Agreements will be honored.

* Preference will be given to OPWDD employees impacted by closures. If you are being impacted by closure, please indicate this on your resume/cover letter.

* All OPWDD employees must be eligible and maintain eligibility for full and unconditional participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Continued employment will depend on maintaining eligibility.


* Position may be eligible for Loan Forgiveness via the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program:

* For more information on PSLF, please visit www.studentAid.gov/publicservice