Habilitation Specialist 1 - St. Lawrence County

State of New York Potsdam, NY
Minimum Qualifications Transfer Qualifications:Any current Habilitation Specialist 1

Any permanent employee eligible for a 70.1 transfer.

Anyone eligible to take the Civil Service examination for Habilitation Specialist 1

Promotional Opportunities:Anyone currently reachable on the Civil Service List.

Provisional Appointment: In the event that there is not a valid eligible list, candidates who meet the qualifications below may be qualified for a provisional appointment.

Minimum Qualifications: A qualifying Bachelor's Degree in Human Services and 1 year clinical/or direct care experience or a qualifying Master's Degree in Human Services.


* The Department of Developmental Services (DDS) adopted the federal definition for Qualified Intellectual Disabilities Professional (QIDP) in all ICF/DD, ICF/DD-H, ICF/DD-N and DD-CNC facilities when the Federal ICF/IID regulations became effective in October 1988. The federal criteria outdates the state regulations specified in the California Code of Regulations, Title 22.

* QIDP is a staff who is responsible for integrating, coordinating and monitoring each client's active treatment and who possesses:

* (a) At least one year of experience working directly with persons with intellectual disabilities or other developmental disabilities.

* (b) Is either a physician and surgeon, or an osteopathy physician and surgeon, a registered nurse, or a human services professional possessing at least a bachelor's degree in a human services field, including but not limited to sociology, special education, rehabilitation counseling or psychology.


* Will co-ordinate and provide services for individuals in an IRA setting.

* Will provide oversight for the direct care staff in the area of active treatments.

* Will provide training and hands on assistance in the proper delivery of daily program services.

* Will attend and participate in the individual meetings and mandatory in-service training.

* Will be responsible for ensuring training procedures and on-going services are developed, maintained and implemented consistently as written.

* Will attend ISP meetings for all individuals and ensure that appropriate changes are made to the plans in a timely manner.

* Will be responsible for the content and organization of the program chart for the individuals at the IRA.

* Will act as a liaison for the residential and day habilitation programs at the ISP meetings and during other times of need.

* Will maintain a good working relationship with all house staff and other disciplines in the provision of programs services.

* Will work closely with the IRA Supervisors to ensure staff resources are available for the needs of all individuals and Day Habilitation programs.

* Will effectively and consistently communicate with supervisors, house staff and other team members via email, communication book and other methods as appropriate.

* Will assist with other habilitation service needs as warranted.

* Will participate in annual chart audits.

* May be asked to chair committees for special programming.

* Other duties as assigned.

Additional Comments Please note:

* For CSEA positions: Local Bidding Agreements will be honored.

* Preference will be given to OPWDD employees impacted by closures. If you are being impacted by closure, please indicate this on your resume/cover letter.

* All OPWDD employees must be eligible and maintain eligibility for full and unconditional participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs. Continued employment will depend on maintaining eligibility.


* Position may be eligible for Loan Forgiveness via the Public Service Loan Forgiveness program:

* For more information on PSLF, please visit www.studentAid.gov/publicservice