Physical Therapist

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ResponsibilitiesEvaluative SkillsGathers pertinent data for initial patient assessment from patient, family, medical record, and physician.Completes initial patient evaluation in 24 hours.Assesses patient's functional abilities.Measures and describes findings in a objective, acceptable manner.Assesses the patients need for pain managementTreatment Planning SkillsDevelops functional treatment goals.Establishes goals that are measurable.Establishes a time frame for goal achievement.Establishes a realistic rehabilitation potential.Selects appropriate treatment modalities.Develops a treatment plan directed towards resolving patient's functional limitations in a safe and effective manner.Selects a variety of treatment methods using the appropriate age specific techniques.Involves patient, family, physician, and fellow professional staff in the treatment planning and goal setting.Provision of Physical Therapy SkillsAssures all treatment is indicated to achieve therapeutic results.Assures that no contraindications exist in the application of any procedure.Assesses the effectiveness of their treatment plan in an ongoing manner.Modifies or discontinues their treatment plan as indicated and appropriate.Demonstrates a willingness and desire to provide excellence in the patient care services he/she provides.Provides home treatment programs and patient education to assure continuity of care.Follows established treatment procedures to assure the safe and effective application of all treatment modalities.Demonstrates adequate technical skills in all treatment procedures.Demonstrates competency in patient transfer technique.Demonstrates competency in therapeutic exercise programs.Demonstrates competency in functional mobility and gait training.Demonstrates competency in the application and monitoring of all physical modiaities applied to patients.Demonstrates competency in following sterile technique in wound care procedures.Demonstrates competency in sharp wound debridements.Adheres to Blood-borne Pathogen guidelines. Ensures impartial and equal assistance and treatment to all patient's.Documentation SkillsDocuments and describes findings in a objective, acceptable manner.Assures all written communication is documented in a readable manner.Initial patient evaluations are documented in a SOAP format.Progress notes reflect the patient's response to current treatment, description of the patient's stasis in a clear, concise and objective manner and a update of the baseline evaluation data.Documentation reflects patient and family teaching , ongoing assessment of the effectiveness of the treatment plan, discharge planning and the status of the patient at the end of physical therapy treatment.Documentation of initial pain assessment reflects the intensity,type of pain, frequency, what improves or increases pain. Progress notes reflect changes in the patients report of pain and appropriate actions taken to address patients need for pain management.Age Specific SkillsNeonate (Newborn - 28 days) Allows parent to remain with and hold infant as much as possible. Uses auditory stimulation such as soft voices, or soft music to serve as a distraction during painful or immobilizing procedures. Involves parent/guardian in care/teaching/educational process. Uses familiar objects (pacifiers,toys) to decrease apprehension. Allows time for patient to become familiar with equipment/procedures. Warms hands before touching infant. Keeps infant warm at all times.Pediatric (29 days -12 years) Allows parent to remain with child as much as possible. Speaks and plays with child to reduce stress. Therapy approached as a game to gain and hold child's attention. Allow child to "help" with procedures. Reassures often that procedures are not punishments. Adolescent (13 years -

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