Erickson Inc. Portland, OR
Stocking & Picking parts in support of MRO, Aircraft Operations, Sales and Engineering primarily using a Parts Picker, Forklift and Pallet Jack. Field phone calls from shops. All functions of the OIS Kitting process.

Duties & Responsibilities

* 60% - Pull aircraft parts (FIFO) to support MRO, Aircraft Operations, Sales and Engineering. This function is primarily done by using a Forklift, Parts Picker and/or Pallet Jack. This process requires issuing (computer work), labeling and packaging/boxing for transportation.

* 25% - Store aircraft parts in warehouse locations accessible to pull. This function is primarily done using a Forklift, Parts Picker and Pallet Jack.

* 10% - OIS Kitting Process, gathering, organizing, labeling, vacuum sealing, storing and packaging/boxing for transportation.

* 5% - Answer phone calls from shops, Field Services, Sales Departments and Engineering.

Minimum Qualifications

* High School diploma or equivalent, Valid Driver's license with a clean driving record, No criminal record.

* 1 Year experience in warehousing.

* Warehousing Operations. Inventory Control, Forklifts, Parts Pickers, Pallet Jacks and Computers.

* Operate vehicles, equipment (forklifts, parts pickers, pallet jacks and computers) and accurately count.

* Good writing and verbal communication.

* Warehousing and Inventory Control.

* Frequent and/or short notice overtime and occasional weekend work. Work in various types of weather. Operate a parts picker up to 25 ft in the air while harnessed.

* Detail oriented. Great team player.


Safety and Work Environment - Identifies hazardous or potentially hazardous situations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe and productive work environment for self and others. Follows Guiding Principle "Be Safe".

Effective Communication – Creates and implements timely and effective communication processes that ensure clear, open, and respectful communication within the organization. Role models effective communication in all forms (includes email, text, IM). Delivers messages in a positive, constructive, and professional manner as a leader of the company.

Teamwork - Leads and works with others to achieve organizational goals. Creates strategies to increase teamwork within own organization and across business lines. Develops and implements effective team communications and processes. Listens to others, values opinions, and is respectful of others. Promotes a positive team environment. Holds others accountable for demonstrating teamwork.

Accountable to Achieving Commitments - Focuses efforts on achieving high quality results consistent with customer requirements and the organization's standards. Leads and motivates team to deliver high quality and timely work. Works with team in a conscientious, consistent, and thorough manner to meet deadlines. Anticipates potential problems. Finds the root cause of problems and takes appropriate action. Makes continuous improvement to processes and results.

Leading & Managing Change - Defines and leads business change(s) and holds team members accountable for change management. Effectively communicates changes, reasons and benefits for change. Provides team with appropriate tools/resources to implement change. Manages resistance to change and builds support. Measures effectiveness of change initiatives.

Talent Development - Fosters employee development by providing a supportive learning environment. Advise, assists, mentors and provides feedback to others to encourage and inspire the development of work-related competencies and long-term career growth.

Planning & Organizing - Develops, implements, evaluates and adjusts plans to reach goals, while ensuring the optimal use of resources.

"We are an equal opportunity employer and all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, disability status, protected veteran status, inquiry or discussion about compensation, or any other characteristic protected by law."