Technician II

PQ Corporation Portland, OR
Job Description


Technician II has the overall responsibility of operating and maintaining the loading and offloading areas of the plant in a safe, clean, environmentally sound and efficient manner. Position requires participation in a safety culture that does not accept blind risk. This position requires strict adherence to environmental laws and regulations. The Tech II will operate under written schedules and be expected to complete work load in a given amount of time. The Technician II will maintain high standards with respect to housekeeping and product quality. This position will occasionally be called upon to work in other areas of the plant to ensure minimal disruption of overall plant operation. General duties include but are not limited to:

* Forklift Operations.

* Maintain Warehouse Areas.

* Sampling Dry and Liquid Products.

* Loading Bulk Liquid Tank Trucks.

* Off-Loading Dry Bulk Products.

* Loading Dry Bulk Trucks.

* Loading/Off-Loading Flatbed Trucks and Vans.

* Completing Routine Inspections and Reports.

* Identifying and Reporting Maintenance Work Requests.


The Technician II is responsible for reviewing and following all the health, safety, security, and environmental policies, procedures, and laws. Participation and cooperation with all health and safety audits will be required. Responsibilities include understanding, following and completing applicable work permits. Following all safe job practices and being accountable for individual and team safety. Immediately report any unsafe condition or behavior to your supervisor & write safety work requests. Report near misses, unsafe conditions and at risk behaviors to supervision. Ensure all applicable permits have been issued and equipment is properly locked out & tagged out before starting any job. Always use the proper PPE and tools required for the specific job. Adhere to the "Standards for Employee Conduct". Participate in all departmental safety meetings and plant safety programs. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

* Write, review, and follow job procedures

* Provide input to the development and maintaining of JSAs and CTAs.

* Reporting any leaks, exposures, accidents, spills or fugitive emissions.

* Perform routine inspections on assigned areas and record the findings of those inspections

* Maintaining unit operating parameters according to all unit permits

* Proper disposal of all wastes

* Communicate with all departments and supervision

* Know how to implement the Emergency Action Plan

* Attend all initial and periodic training (RCRA, DOT, HAZWOPER, etc.)

Job Requirements


Each Technician is trained in a specific area of responsibility. These areas are Alum, Acid, Soda Ash and Warehousing.


* Prior warehouse and production experience preferred.

* Must be able to see small leaks and sprays

* Must be able to transverse various levels and grades of catwalks

* Must be able to open and close valves

* Must be able to carry, connect and disconnect various hoses.

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