SPED Instructional Asst. - HS Structured Lrng Center (SLC) for Academics, 6.5hrs/day (.8125 FTE), Part Time, Perm

North Clackamas Schools Portland, OR
SPED Instructional Assistant - High School Structured Learning Center (SLC) for Academics, 6.5hrs/day (.8125 FTE), Part Time, Permanent


The incumbent performs a variety of instructional and classroom support and student supervision duties to assist the school and teachers in instruction, supervision, and education of students, especially with lunch room and recess duties.

Initial wage placement according to NCSD/OSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement.

CLASSIFIED WAGE SCHEDULE 2018-2019 JOB GROUP Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 D 14.98 15.73 16.51 17.35 18.22 19.13 20.09 21.09

Based on the above wage schedule, the District will pay the employee's 6% contribution to the Public Employees Retirement System (PERS), upon eligibility. Final rate and/or number of work days for 2018-2019 are subject to bargaining

Retirement Plan Contributions

North Clackamas School District (NCSD) is a Public Employee's Retirement System (PERS) employer. PERS allows employees to contribute 6% of their salary to their Individual Account Program (IAP). However, NCSD makes the 6% contribution to its employee's IAP account. This means no money is taken out of employee paychecks, but the employee is still receiving 6% of the salary contributed to his/her retirement IAP account. In addition, NCSD makes a contribution to the employee's PERS OPSRP Pension Plan.

SCHEDULE: TBD based on department needs



Successful experience in working with culturally diverse families and communities, or have otherwise demonstrated a commitment to strengthening engagement of a diverse community and skill in communicating with a diverse population.

* High School Degree

* Successful completion of an Associate's Degree or two years of post-high school education in appropriate and related areas of study. The education requirement may be substituted as the sole discretion of the District by successfully passing the written Educational Testing Service competency examination.

* May be required to be certified or to become certified in first aid, CPR, and/or operation of defibrillators.

* Able to work in an environment with frequent interruptions and changing tasks and priorities.

* Able to assist, console, and manage students who may be emotional, distraught, or frustrated.

* Able to remain calm, focused and in control when working with students, parents, guardians, and community members who may be difficult and challenging to engage.

* Able to follow written and verbal direction and take the initiative to seek clarity and take action when needed.

* Be or become knowledgeable and supportive of classroom management and student discipline procedures.

* Proficiency in the proper use of the English language to include annunciation, spelling, and syntax to assist and model proper language usage by students.

* Able to organize work and set priorities for accomplishing work in a timely and effective manner.

* Able to protect the confidentiality of student information consistent with FERPA requirements and good judgment.

* Able to work collaboratively and effectively with staff, students, parents, volunteers, and community members.

* Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing.

* Skill in the use of office and computer equipment and use standard office software and student information system software.


* Bachelor Degree in an appropriate and related field of study.

* Two years of experience that demonstrates the ability to work successfully with children in a learning environment.

* Bilingual and/or bicultural skills in such common languages to the District as Spanish, Korean, Russian, and Vietnamese (to be determined by the specific position).


1. Works collaboratively by assisting teachers in assessment, supporting curriculum, student interactions, enforcing safe behaviors, and enhancing social growth of student in the school setting.

2. May work with English Language Learners (ELL) by using English, and a second language if able, to assist ELL students in learning.

3. Provide limited first aid when necessary. Assess injury to determine whether nursing care is needed. Maintain knowledge of students that may have medical concerns to remain aware of potentially dangerous situations for their individual condition.

4. When communicating with students, parents, community members and other staff members exercises discretion and assures protection of student confidentiality consistent with the direction and guidance of staff, administrators, and school/district policies and procedures.

5. Oversees student safety, hallway supervision, etc. Takes steps to intervene when students are not in control, not in the proper location, or may be in dangerous or unsafe situations.

6. Provides instructional support and tutoring to students in large groups, small groups, and one-on-one situations.

7. Documents behavior and progress of students to assist teacher in assessing progress with education plans. Maintain, or assist in maintaining, student weekly progress reports.

8. Perform clerical duties such as making copies, operating office equipment, answering telephones, ordering materials, and record keeping.

9. May provide instructional assistant duties in a large classroom setting (e.g., 50 students) which includes responsibility for student management.

Performs other duties as assigned.

Please refer to the job descriptions for detailed information.


North Clackamas School District policy provides veterans and disabled veterans with preference as required by law.