Relief Youth Care Counselor - Seneca

Boys & Girls Aid Portland, OR
We are an equal opportunity employer; including veteran and/or disability status

Standard shift hours/Hrs. per week: Relief Youth Care Counselor may be pre-assigned scheduled shifts on a monthly basis; and last minute shifts are also available on an as needed basis

Essential Functions:

Performing the following will involve travel, including driving, to various locations.

* Primary responsibilities include:

1) Supervising youth to maintain their safety, security, and well-being at all times;

2) Supporting the schedule and structure of STEP, in SW Portland and Seneca, in SE Portland in programming, and

3) Providing oversight of the facilities to maintain all safety, security and licensing standards.

* Supervise and monitor youth whereabouts and safety at all times, including supervision of youth in the facility and in the community. Track whereabouts of youth who have approved time away from the facility.

* Provide positive role modeling behavior; facilitate appropriate communication; model and develop appropriate problem solving and conflict resolution skills.

* Assure that youth adhere to specific standards of conduct; assure appropriate youth interactions and intercede as necessary.

* Instruct youth regarding desirable health, personal habits, and housekeeping duties.

* Provide for daily living needs, such as prescribed medications, medical needs, and transportation, as necessary. Plan and supervise recreational activities both on and off site.

* Support the program structure, ensuring consistency in program rules, operations and routines, and agency & program policies and procedures are being maintained.

* Maintain the facility in compliance with health, sanitation and fire regulations. Report house maintenance needs as necessary. Complete fire drills as scheduled.

Perform household and operational duties as assigned, which include but are not limited to: laundry, filing, menu planning, shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping if needed, and various errands.

* Maintain clear and respectful communications with other staff, youth, family members and community partners, etc., consistent with agency communication standards.

* Maintain accurate documentation, records and files in accordance with quality assurance standards. Accurately complete all paperwork and documentation of services as required by program within identified timelines, including daily logging, services provided, data entry, incident reports, etc.

* Participate in agency-provided trainings. Seek out continuing education and training in areas identified by Program Coordinator. Participate in program meetings and trainings which may occur outside of regularly scheduled shifts.

* For non-exempt positions where position duties include some shift work with required staffing ratios: Due to considerations around the safety and health of our clients, and availability of qualified workers to relieve the employee, employees in this position may not be relieved of all work duties during their meal period. In this case, the employee still will be provided with adequate time to consume a meal, rest, and use the restroom, and will be paid for this time.

* Must respond to monthly schedule requests by the stated deadline and within two hours of same day schedule requests with a "Yes" or "No" answer if called when employee stated he/she would be available.

* Regular and consistent attendance is a requirement of the position and is evidenced by working a minimum of 1 shift per month unless pre-arranged with the direct supervisor.

Secondary Functions:

* Responsible for other duties as assigned to assist in the functioning of the program.

Qualifications and Job Requirements:

Must be able to provide appropriate services and interact appropriately with people from diverse socio-economic, racial, ethnic, and other cultural groups, considering their needs and impact of the interaction.

BFOQ for overnight shifts at girls-only shelter/residential facilities: Because this position will be supervising female youth in a residential care facility alone, at night, and in circumstances in which there are resident privacy issues, the Agency requires this position to be filled by a qualified female.

* Job Knowledge: Degree or 2 years of experience in a social service, mental health, or care giving setting which may have resulted from work, internships or volunteering, OR related experience where skills necessary to perform the job is demonstrated OR any combination of education and experience with children, youth, young adults or the special needs population, equivalent to two years.* Level 4

* Supervising: No supervisory or lead responsibilities. May provide special project direction to co-workers, student interns or volunteers in similar job functions, such as training a co-worker to awake/overnight shift duties. Level 1

* Decision Making: Employee must demonstrate solid decision making and problem solving skills within the scope of their position responsibilities. General supervision and a set of broadly understood position expectations. Decision making with limited discretion, latitude, or negotiation. Assistance or resources are readily available. Level 3

* Interpersonal Skills/Interactions: Interactions may be one-on-one, in group settings, with own work group and other departments. May occasionally have limited, but substantial contact with the public. Daily interactions with youth. Communications may be routine and non-routine in nature. Strong communication and interpersonal skills are important. Level 2

* Impact: Responsible for the use of assets in own work area. Regular contact with youth and other staff, although limited due to overnight shift. Influences treatment outcomes through use of self as positive role model. Level 2

Additional Skills & Abilities:

* Basic word processing and computer skills for data entry, i.e., Microsoft Word.

Additional Requirements/Preferences, including Licenses and/or Certifications:


* Must possess a valid driver's license from state of residence (Oregon or Washington), personal automobile liability insurance, and pass a DMV driving record check.

* Must meet the driving requirements under the Agency Safe Driving Policy, and maintain a good driving record that is eligible for coverage by the agency's current insurance provider.

* Must have reliable personal transportation and the ability to drive standard and automatic vehicles, including the ability to drive a 12-passenger van.

* Must successfully pass the Department of Human Services (DHS) criminal background check and, if applicable, fingerprinting.

* Must be able to pass the pre-employment reference checks.

* Must be able to provide official grade transcripts, including the education level, from all educational institutions mentioned in the education section of the employment application.

* Must be able to provide a copy of his/her own social security card for W-4 documentation.

* Must be able to provide applicable documentation(s) for I-9 in order to establish identity and authorization to work in the US.

* Must maintain food handlers permit, First Aid and CPR certification.


* Bachelor's degree in social work, psychology, sociology, juvenile justice, or relevant field.

Physical Requirements and Work Environment:

* Works directly with a variety of youth, such as:

o May encounter individuals, primarily residents, who are at times unpredictable and hostile.

o Will work with youth that are involved with the juvenile justice system, either pre-adjudicated or adjudicated.

* May transport clients in car or 12 passenger agency van as shifts require, up to 5 youth unaided.

* Must be able to do some lifting, bending, twisting and carrying. Need to be able to stand, walk, sit, keyboard, and use wrist and hand.

* Noise level in the work environment is usually moderate to loud.

* May work in outside weather conditions.

* May work alone on some shifts

* Must be able to lift and transport up to 25 to 30 pounds

* Must be able to work evenings, weekends, and overnight shifts to meet program needs. Ability to be flexible to work changing schedule as needed to meet program needs.

Regular and consistent attendance is a requirement of the position.

Note: This job description is representative of the major position requirements and is not intended to be all-inclusive