Operations Team Member

Rubicon International Portland, OR

Rubicon International is an educational technology firm headquartered in downtown Portland, Oregon. Best known for our leadership in the field of curriculum management, we work with public and independent schools around the world to plan and implement web-based curriculum mapping in our system, Atlas. We are committed to being a world-wide leader in making a difference in teaching and learning.

Frequently referred to as the "control tower," our Operations Team is responsible for keeping everything running smoothly here at Rubicon Headquarters as well as at our satellite offices. Our Operations team is intimately involved with the functions of each team in the firm and it's composed of quick-thinking, agile team members. A fast-paced and exciting environment defines this team.

You are

* An excellent communicator, both verbally and written, and possess the ability to interact professionally with a diverse group of people

* Enthusiastic, confident and self-motivated

* Adept at acquiring new skills and knowledge and have a "can do" attitude, an open mind to feedback, and strong follow-through skills

* An adept multi-tasker with the ability to manage multiple deadlines and reprioritize to fit changing needs and client expectations

* Very organized with keen attention to detail and the ability to think analytically and critically

* Able to work collaboratively, but with a significant amount of personal accountability

* Familiar with planning extensive international and domestic travel

* Highly proficient in desktop applications including the Microsoft Suite

* Flexible, team-oriented, comfortable in an environment where you're learning continuously

* Interested in the field of education and invested in transforming teaching and learning

You would contribute by

* Providing exceptional service to both internal and external clients.

* Executing event coordination

* Handling time-sensitive projects

* Managing daily office operations

* Maintaining and continually elevating the firm's internal and external marketing presence

* Working across teams to contribute to the overall mission of Rubicon, drive innovation of our products, and further our relationships with our client schools

If you have it, we'll put it to use

* Language skills