Internship- Human Services

Marquis Companies Portland, OR

Job Details

Bachelors or Higher Degree

Thank you for your interest in the Marquis Companies Internship Program. This program has been developed for individuals that have a desire to become part of our Long-Term Care Community.

Marquis believes that the internship should be hands on and totally informed about each department's functions. For a future Marquis employee to understand the day-to-day issues an employee faces, it is recommended that an Intern work side-by-side with employees in those departments.

The Internship is designed to be done for approximately nine (9) weeks. You will spend the majority of your time (7 weeks) with the Social Services Director and will perform a variety of job duties. You will also participate in department rotations to gain a better perspective of a post-acute rehab facility. There will be written summaries that are to be completed after each week.

To qualify for the Internship Program, you must be in a 4-year degree program and have an interest in pursuing a career in the Senior Care Industry.

If you are interested in applying for the Marquis Companies Human Services Internship Program, please follow the instructions below. All steps in the process must be completed correctly for consideration into the Internship Program.

1. Complete online employment application. Go to the website and click on "careers". ( the position is posted as "Human Services Internship" under the Management section.

2. Attach cover letter and resume into the online application.

3. In essay form, answer the questions below. Each answer should be no longer than 200 words. Please copy and paste your essays into the text box of the cover letter or resume section of the online application.

a. What has drawn you to the decision of wanting to work in a Post-Acute Rehab setting?

b. Name a particular organization that you feel has a strongly defined company culture that you admire. Please go into details as to the why you admire this company's culture.

c. Marquis Companies was founded on the understanding that people aren't defined by age or medical condition. How would you define "LIFE, WELL LIVED."?

4. Provide two (2) written letters of reference from either current/former supervisors or college faculty. Please email these letters to Sarah DuBois, Recruiter after completing the online application process. Email: in the subject line of the email, include your name and "Internship References". Letters of reference must be received prior to the first interview.

5. Applications are accepted two (2) – three (3) months prior to beginning of internship. Internships usually begin in January, March, June or September.

Qualified candidates will participate in a multi-step interview process and the Marquis Companies Leadership team will make the final selection decisions.

At the completion of the Internship Program, a performance evaluation will be conducted by your preceptor about your time in the Internship Program. You will also be given the opportunity to evaluate our program and provide feedback.